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Are Instant Hot Water Taps Any Good?

Jan 2018


Are instant hot water taps any good? In this comprehensive article we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages. We’ll also discuss some concerns and praises from customers who’ve been using undersink on-demand water heaters for months and years. Let’s start.

Instant hot water units save time

It’s the main advantage of on-demand water heaters. You get your hot water instantly and any time of the day. It’s perfect for families and office staffs who need hot water all day for their coffee or tea.

You don’t have to set up the kettle, fill in the water and wait for it to boil. You just turn on the tap and instantly the hot water will pour into your favourite cup. You save time and effort each day for months and years to come.

Moreover, you get hot water at a uniform temperature level. A quality unit will deliver hot water each time you turn on the faucet. The tank will heat the water you need and keep it at near boiling temperatures. The water gets replenished constantly (many units can yield 60 cups per hour of hot water). This is more than enough for the whole family or a small business department.

In summary, here are the main benefits of using a hot water unit for your home or office:

  • Great time saver
  • No need to set up kettle and wait water to boil
  • Uniform temperature of the hot water all day

Is it also a money-saver?

Aside from time, most individuals and families are also concerned about the costs (both the upfront and long-term). After all, heating water requires fuel or electricity which will add to your monthly expenses.

Will you save more money if you use an under the sink boiler instead of a kettle? Basically, instant hot water taps reduce the loss and wastage of heat. From their design, there’s minimal loss of heat as water travels through short distances. It’s very similar to a point-of-use system wherein there’s minimal wastage due to shorter travel times.

In addition, you don’t have to boil water again and again (you save on fuel or electricity). The need for hot water may vary throughout the day. It’s unpredictable and someone might use the kettle every now and then.

For example, an office worker uses the kettle at the start of the day. During the snack time or lunch hour, another office worker might again use the kettle (either there’s no hot water or it became cold). This will go on each day. Imagine the waste of electricity or fuel when boiling water this way.

Moreover, how we use the kettle is also wasteful. That’s because we might throw the unused water once it turned cold and we then need to refill the kettle. More than once every day this can happen. As a result, the wastage will be significant especially in the long run.

In summary, instant hot water units will reduce wastage by:

  • Preventing the repetitive use of kettle
  • Minimising the wastage of water


Both of these can contribute to cost savings. These are also good ways for energy and water conservation.

Other benefits of undersink boilers

Instant hot water units go beyond providing hot water for your coffee or tea. Some families and homeowners also use the units for:

  • Cleaning spills on tiles and grout (hot water makes cleaning easier)
  • Cooking
  • Warming the dishes
  • Hot water for cooking pasta


Aside from saving time and money, instant water boilers also save space and keep you away from hassles. For instance, you won’t need the kettle sitting on your countertop anymore. Instead you will use that space for your other cookware.

In addition, boilers now have compact designs that they can now fit under almost any kitchen sink. You’ll only see the tap while the undersink unit does all the action 24/7. Its compactness and functionality make undersink hot water taps a clear choice among homeowners.

Many homeowners now can’t imagine life without having an instant water heater for their daily needs. After all, it’s all about convenience and devoting your time and energy instead on more worthwhile things.

Why some homeowners still don’t have a hot water unit?

With all the advantages and benefits of under sink instant water heaters, some homeowners are still doubtful of these devices’ uses. Some of their concerns are about:

  • Durability of the tank and unit
  • Useful lifespan
  • 24/7 operation?
  • Upfront and long-term costs


Good news is quality units can last for at least 3 years (many manufacturers offer 3 years warranty). In addition, instant hot water taps only cost lower than $500. You may even get a free installation service and the complimentary tap (so the whole setup will look new and stylish).

Under the sink boilers are made from metal construction to ensure durability. These will help the units endure the heat and constant use. Many units also have a childproof safety feature to reduce the risk of scalding.

Quality under the sink boilers are also considered energy-efficient. That’s because there’s a lever that automatically switches off. This is to reduce the energy for keeping the water hot. In other words, the unit only uses energy whenever you need the water at a certain temperature. You only spend money if you’re getting some use from it. In contrast to kettle, much of the water and electricity (or fuel) is wasted.

Is it right for you?

You can get significant time and cost savings depending on your usage in the long run. It also depends on your lifestyle and how often you need hot water for you, your family or office department.

However, an instant hot water tap might not be ideal if you only need hot water occasionally. It’s also the similar case if you have a small household wherein the demand for hot water is not that high.

On-demand water heaters are still good because of the speed, efficiency and convenience they offer. Even small families still have a unit in their homes because of the benefits mentioned. But it’s a different case when it comes to cost. It might be more cost-effective if you just use the kettle once a day if that’s all the time you need hot water.

In contrast, instant hot water taps are ideal for regular usage all throughout the day. Anyone in your home or office can get access to hot water any time of the day. You won’t need to use the kettle and refill it every now and then.

So if your priority is speed and convenience, an on-demand water heater under the sink is ideal for you. You get valuable use from it for the long term. You also have assurance that hot water is available whenever someone needs it.

Possible issues and concerns

Earlier we’ve discussed the main benefits of having an on-demand water boiler. Now let’s discuss the possible issues and concerns faced by customers who have a unit in their home or small office.

First, leaks are possible in the joints, pipes and the tank itself. Through the years of regular use, leaks are likely to appear. When leaks are present, the hot water unit won’t work or the efficiency will be far from optimal. In addition, it could get messy and cause further damage to the pipes and other parts.

That’s why all the parts should be of durable construction (including the joined components). Remember that the pipes, joints and tanks will be exposed to harsh conditions. The combination of heat and pressure can cause a few of the areas to be vulnerable to leaks and damages.

Aside from leaks, other users have also encountered unpleasant-tasting water. The truth is the water itself might be the main culprit. For example, the water might be rich in minerals and heavy metals which resulted to the unpleasant taste. It’s recommended to request for a chemical analysis to know for sure.

Unpleasant-tasting water (or coffee or tea) might also be the result of leaks in the pipes and joints. This is very likely if your under the sink unit is old (more than 3 years of active use). It’s recommended to replace the unit or have it undergo regular maintenance. Aside from preventing problems, this might also help in prolonging its useful lifespan.

Another concern besides leaks and water taste is the electricity usage. As mentioned earlier, on-demand instant water heaters keep water hot all throughout the day. However, the lever automatically switches off to save on energy. It only turns on to maintain the temperature you’ve set. The unit might consume up to 750 watts of electricity whenever it’s on. It’s actually one of the highest in terms of household electrical consumption. It can attribute to at least 10% of your monthly electricity bill.

Good thing is the benefits still outweigh the electrical consumption. After all, it’s about convenience and making your day as smooth as possible. You also save on water (from throwing the unused water and refilling) and fuel (for repeatedly boiling the water every now and then).

Are instant hot water taps any good?

There are always pros and cons in the quest for convenience and efficiency. Risks are always present but the good news is you can still minimise them if you:

  • Choose a quality and durable unit
  • Have expert technicians install it for you
  • Choose a reputable company


This way, you could still get positive value from the instant hot water tap. In addition, you’ll only spend lower than $500 in exchange for speed and convenience. These are important especially during the morning rush when you need to get everything ready as fast as possible.

That’s why here at Clean & Clear Purification Specialists, our goal is to provide safe, fast, efficient and affordable solutions for our Sydney customers. We have instant hot water taps that are durable and long-lasting. Our expert technicians will install the unit and perform diagnostic tests to ensure successful operations.

Contact us today and ask us about our available hot water solutions for your home or business office. We service greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas.

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