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Undersink Boiler

Clean & Clear Undersink Boilers

Our choice of undersink boilers / water heaters deliver hot water quickly to a single sink. Conventional water heating systems are normally located behind a wall, quite some distance from the sink. This results in heat being lost as the water travels through the pipes to the sink. This ultimately also has an effect on your utility bills. These point of use water heaters eliminate long runs of pipework for isolated sinks and reduce the waiting time for hot water to arrive at the outlet. As opposed to water heating systems where it is located in the bathroom behind concrete, you wont waste any heat on heating water pipes as hot water will come directly to you. You’ll be able to save money by converting all electricity used into heated water, and only the exact amount of water you need is heated


With Clean & Clear’s under the sink boilers, hot water is delivered quickly to a sink, eliminating heat wastage and time wasted waiting for hot water to arrive at the outlet – and they are much easier on the pocket, reducing your utility bills!

Insinkerator boiler


Forget about waiting for the kettle to boil! This stylish boiler is able to provide both hot water and cool drinking water. This energy-saving boiler has a lever that automatically switches off – reducing energy needed to keep it hot. At the same time, the cool setting remains switched on so that a constant supply of cool drinking water is supplied at the outlet.

Did we mention that it is stylish? The Insinkerator is available in 12 designer finishes including almond, biscuit, French gold, matte black and more!


Available in 12 designer finishes: white, biscuit, almond, chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, French gold, mocha bronze, black, matte black, brushed chrome and oil rubbed bronze.




Hydra Master boiler

Filtered boiling water at the touch of a button. That’s what you get with the Hydra Master. This stylish yet functional boiler comes equipped with a childproof safety feature, reducing the risk of scalding.


Pairing the Hydra Master with our Clean & Clear 3 Series is the ideal solution for the home or workplace, providing a constant supply of both hot and cool drinking water.


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