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Water is life. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a back seat to coffee, tea, soft drinks, and other beverages. Although water may not be as fancy as these other drinks, its benefits are undeniable. For this reason, having access to clean and safe drinking water in hospitals, schools, at places of work and other areas is important. This is where the sturdy, cost effective M Series Water Bubbler comes in. Connected to the mains, this unit is durable, easy, and safe to use in any public area. Servicing the unit is easy thanks to the front panel which is easy to detach.

A simple and cost effective solution for providing safe drinking water on construction sites, and in schools, hospitals and factories. Connected to the mains, our M Series water bubbler is a sturdy, hardwearing unit.


Features of our M Series water bubbler:


  • Available in low (10 litres/hr), medium (19 litres/hr) and heavy duty (26 litres/hr) capacities
  • Units available with a drinking bubbler, or a bubbler and glass filler
  • Bubbler and glass fillers are adjustable, tamper proof and prevent squirting
  • Fitted with an industrial grade 304 stainless steel tank
  • Polished stainless steel top
  • Front panel can be easily removed for servicing
  • Optional extras include filters and stainless steel cabinets
  • Simple filter changes for filtered units





Award Winning Design & Proven Performance!

Stylish on the outside and tough all round, the RM Blizzard is contemporary enough for use in public areas such as gyms, offices and schools, but durable enough for the harsher conditions found in factories, and mining or construction sites. This sturdy and hygienic water bubbler has an award-winning design and is manufactured by Waterworks in Australia and is under license by Crystal Mountain, our manufacturing partners. Available in 10, 20 and 30L per hour, the RM series pigmented polyethylene cabinet is rota-moulded and has a lift out chassis.

Available in 10, 20 & 30L per hour. The RM Blizzard is stylish enough for public areas such as schools, gyms, and offices but tough enough for the harsh conditions of factories, construction and mining sites, this sturdy rota-moulded, pigmented polyethylene cabinet with lift out chassis is leading the way! The RM Blizzard is proudly designed and manufactured by Waterworks in Australia and under licence by our manufacturing partners Crystal Mountain.


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RM10 32°C 27°C 12.1 LPH 1.9 Litre
RM20 32°C 27°C 20.2 LPH 1.9 Litre
RM30 32°C 27°C 28.3 LPH 1.9 Litre

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