With a long and rich history, you can find traditional and modern homes plus heritage-listed buildings in Ryde. With a family vibe and community feel, it’s easy to realise why almost everyone wants a ticket to Ryde.

Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists also has a long and rich history (30+ years in service). Through the years we’ve installed water filtration systems in many homes old and new. We’ve also become a go-to for business owners looking for drinking water systems for their workplaces.

Proudly Australian family owned

We value the family and the community, which is why we’ve built a solid reputation in delivering excellent products and services. Whenever we install a filter system, we think of it as our own home. We are careful during each installation and ensure the performance of the filter.

We only source from the most reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and performance. The manufacturer’s marks and country of origin are clearly stamped onto the moulds. As a result, all the parts are authentic including the housing, fittings and pipes. For example, our authentic Triple Undersink Water Filter has become one of our bestsellers due to its authenticity, reliability and high performance.

Quality home water filters

Due to the quality of our filtration systems, these are able to deliver clean and safe water 24/7. With superior chemical and heavy metal removal capabilities, you can be sure that every drop of water you drink is free from the most dangerous contaminants. Our systems even ensure a pleasurable drinking water experience to further encourage healthy hydration. For instance, the final stage of our Triple Undersink Water Filter removes bitterness with the use of the Super Fine Coconut Carbon Final Polisher.

We’re also proud of our 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System (Clean & Clear 5 Series, Hand-built & Factory Tested). With Premium Combination Filter Media and Complete Protection (rigorous 5-stage filtration), this can effectively remove chlorine, organics and heavy metals. This compact system can fit under almost any kitchen sink.

Ryde water bubblers, chillers and more

One guaranteed way to somehow improve your health is to drink more water and rely less on sugary or alcoholic beverages. But hydration is difficult or impossible if there’s no source of safe and refreshing water around.

That’s why we also provide and install the following:

  • Undersink Chillers (10 degrees Celsius, 6 litres/hr cooling capacity)
  • Water Coolers (Easy to top up from your existing water supply)
  • Water Bubblers (Available in 10 litres/hr, 19 litres/hr and 26 litres/hr capacities)

Whether at home or at the workplace, with those systems it’s easy to stay hydrated especially during the unusually hot summer days.

For the colder days and long meetings, our Wall-Mounted Water Boilers have become essentials in Ryde workplaces. Delivering up to 160 cups of hot water per hour, this is more than enough for the entire staff. With the boiler’s sleek and compact design, this will surely add elegance to your workplace.

Why choose Clean & Clear Water

30+ years in the service plus a commitment to excellence, it’s no wonder why Ryde residents and businesses choose Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists.

Phone us today at 1300 723 146 if you want a reliable and high-performance drinking water system in your home or workplace. You can enquire us about our free installations, discounted prices, bestsellers and comprehensive warranties.