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Everyone’s feeling here the coffee culture and the busy life. Because of the presence of countless cafes (such as in Surry Hills and Hornsby) and numerous work and business opportunities (wait for the Western Sydney Airport in Badgerys Creek), there’s just no time to breathe and stop.

But no matter how busy we get, we still take the time to focus on our health and fitness. Whenever we can we still enjoy the outdoors (Bondi Beach or the Royal Botanic Garden?) and choose healthy options on food even though these are a lot more expensive. We’re often willing to spend more to safeguard our health and ensure our wellbeing.


Why a quality Sydney water filter matters?

What about the water you drink every day? Although a lot of our time is spent at work or outdoors, much of the water you consume will be coming from your tap. Are you sure it’s safe or good enough?

Water treatment facilities do their best to provide safe potable water. However, there are a lot of things that could go wrong from their facility to your faucet. For example, leaks and rusting might introduce dirt and contaminants to the water. Also, the consumption of chlorinated water can result to long-term negative health effects. Chlorine is important and cost-effective in water disinfection, but beyond that there’s no human benefit at all.

Here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists, we have high-performance water filters that can remove dirt, rust, sediments, chlorine, lead, mercury and other heavy metals.

Each unit can fit under almost any kitchen sink. Also rest assured that all the essential components and parts are genuine and made from US, UK or Australia. As an Australian family-owned business, we are proud to deliver only authentic products and services.

Our experienced technicians can install the water filter for you (ask us about our free installation). They also perform flow checks and pressure tests to ensure perfect function of the entire system. We even include a complimentary tap so that the entire system looks new and neat.

Aside from drinking water filter solutions, we also have shower filters and whole house filters that can remove chlorine and dirt. This can make every drop of water you use to be safe for showering, washing food and using hot water.


Sydney drinking water systems

For more than 30 years, we’ve become the one-stop shop in drinking water systems and filtrations.

Our busy and active lifestyles mean our bodies are processing more nutrients and waste. Water is required to make that successfully happen. Whether you’re at home or at the workplace, it’s important to stay hydrated.

Whether you just came from Bondi Beach or just got tired shopping at Pitt Street Mall or Westfield Sydney, it’s time to replace the fluids you lost but also make sure that the water is safe and clean for you to drink.

Here at Clean & Clear Water, we can help you achieve that. We are proud to service the entire Sydney including the following areas:

Clean and Clear, The Water Purification Specialists proudly service the following location in Sydney.

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