Maintaining a consistent regimen of safe and regular hydration is undeniably pivotal to fostering optimal health and productivity. In line with this goal, you can explore our wide-ranging selection of authentic water filtration solutions, thoughtfully curated for you by the dedicated team at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists.

Our range of quality of water filters

Regardless of whether you reside along the picturesque coastlines or in the heart of the inland, our extensive array of genuine products has something to offer for everyone:

Twin Undersink Water Filter: With NSF 42 and 53 certifications, this adaptable filter may also be easily installed as a countertop unit, offering a wide range of customisable water purification options.

Triple Undersink Filter: Carrying the coveted NSF 42 & 53 certifications, this exceptional filter not only eliminates an astounding 99.9% of metals but also incorporates an additional final stage, ensuring your water tastes as fresh as it is pure.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis: Holding the prestigious NSF 58 certification, this advanced system boasts a granular activated carbon filter, an ultrafine TFC RO membrane, a prolonged contact time filter and a carbon polishing post filter, guaranteeing top-tier water purification.

Shower Filter: Designed to ruthlessly remove harsh chlorine, this unit provides year-long protection for your skin and respiratory health.

Whole House Filter: Eradicate chlorine and sediment from every faucet in your home, delivering comprehensive water purification to every corner of your living space.

The installation of your chosen unit, along with the necessary pressure tests and flow checks, will be expertly handled by one of our experienced technicians. Our service area encompasses various locations near Milson Park, Carabella St, Elamang Ave, Parkes St, Holbrook Ave or Waruda St.

Kirribilli water bubbler and more

With an illustrious history spanning over three decades and an unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality, we have emerged as the premier choice for a diverse range of additional offerings:

Water Bubblers: Our robust units are available in configurations featuring a drinking bubbler, or a combination of a bubbler and a glass filler, catering to your specific hydration needs.

Office Water Coolers: Compact and exuding style, our office water coolers are designed to seamlessly blend into your workspace.

Undersink Chillers: Boasting a cooling capacity of 10 degrees Celsius and a flow rate of 6 litres per hour, these chillers are crafted from premium-quality stainless steel for ultimate durability.

Undersink Boilers: Engineered with an automatic switch-off mechanism to conserve energy while ensuring hot water is readily available when needed.

Wall-Mounted Water Boilers: Exhibiting a modern design and exceptional energy efficiency, these boilers are the perfect addition to busy workplaces with high demands for hot water.

Over the years, our innovative filtration and drinking water systems have made a significant impact, empowering individuals to safeguard their well-being and remain productive. We are honoured to contribute to the economic vitality and advancement of our esteemed customers, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

If you are in search of a genuine filter or a robust bubbler, do not hesitate to contact us today here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. By choosing our quality systems, you will not only gain peace of mind but also experience a high return on your investment, as we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellence in water purification.