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Need crystal clear water filters? Looking for a Water filtration solution? The answer is clear.

With more than 30 years’ experience Clean & Clear Water filters, can provide the perfect filtration solutions for your home, school or workplace. Because we buy direct from the manufactures, we can provide the perfect, most reliable product at the very best price – guaranteed.

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At Clean & Clear Water, we strongly believe in giving back to the community and supporting causes that make a difference in people’s lives. We are honoured to be associated and sponsor these incredible organisations that work tirelessly to improve the well-being of individuals, families & our community.

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    Clear and Clean Water Filters

    At Clean and Clear Australia, we strive to stay as the top provider of high-quality and innovative water filters in Sydney and Melbourne. We offer a comprehensive range of products, each with an impressive set of features to effectively eliminate practically all impurities found in tap water. Other than making sure the water you drink is safe, our units successfully remove unwanted tastes and odours for a pleasurable drinking experience.

    We take pride in the science behind our products to cater to your unique requirements. We use the most advanced purification processes to ensure every drop of liquid you drink is great-tasting and free of harmful elements. We order parts only from the most reputable manufacturers across the globe to develop innovative water filters to optimum standards.

    After all these years, the high level of service we deliver remains one of our strongest suits. We perform any type of job you may require to keep your system working in excellent condition at all times. From installation to cartridge replacements, our team is just one call away to get the job done in exceptional fashion. Even if your system is of a different brand, you can rely on our water filter shop Sydney & Melbourne to apply a permanent fix to your clear filter.

    Explore our site for more about our outstanding solutions. Contact Clean and Clear Australia’s online water filter shop in Sydney or Melbourne today for enquiries.

    These Are Just Some Of The Areas We Service In And Around Sydney

    5 Reasons Why You Need a Clean and Clear Water Filter

    Removes Chlorine and Other Harmful Chemicals

    Consuming drinking water contaminated by chlorine is a terrible idea. Despite the fact that the levels of chlorine in tap water are usually considered safe to drink, it’s still much better for your health to not face any of the risks that these chemicals pose when consumed. Some people are adverse to consuming other chemicals too, like fluoride, and we have the technology to assist. Check out our range of quality filters, including our impressive reverse osmosis systems which will take out all traces of chlorine and fluoride from your drinking water.

    Your Water Will Taste Better (No Taste!)

    Depending on the reservoir and the state of the plumbing, you’ll notice that water tastes differently depending on the location you’re in. Whatever the taste of the water is, we assert that you’ll much prefer your water flavourless! Generally, Sydney and Melbourne’s water tastes okay, however, once you’ve sampled water from a Clean and Clear Water filter, you won’t want to regress to an unfiltered variety! Our entire range of filters are built durably, so, once installed, you won’t have to worry about metallic or earthy tasting water again.

    You Can Save Money & the Environment

    Australians spend up to $2 billion a year on bottled water. This results in millions of plastic bottles ending up in landfill or our oceans, causing significant damage to the environment. Additionally, the production of plastic bottles requires significant resources, contributing to carbon emissions and global warming. It’s never been so easy to save money and the environment with a simple in-house installation. You won’t need to stock your home with bottled water ever again if you have a water filter installed!

    It’s Good for You

    Quality filters remove any harmful chemicals and microorganisms from the water supply. Furthermore, with great tasting water, you’ll want to drink more of it, which is really good for your health. Some health advantages of drinking plenty of water include weight loss, improved cognitive function, less headaches, a stronger immune system, less toxins in the bloodstream and more. All of these demonstrate the value of investing in an undersink or reverse osmosis water filter from Clean and Clear Water!

    Better Tasting Food

    If you’re making food that requires water, a water filter will help sustain the flavour of the food. A good filter will also remove any bacteria, which can help your food last longer in storage. Clean and Clear Water’s undersink water filters are a great addition in any kitchen – contact our friendly team for free advice on which system is perfect for your needs.

    Great Water Filter Solutions

    Evey Australian household needs a stable and reliable source of clean and safe water. With increasing broadcast of information, more and more people are becoming aware of the contaminants that are present in regular tap water. Our clients find us when they’re searching for quality solutions to purify their drinking water, that which is often full of harmful chemicals, bacteria and microorganisms.

    At Clean and Clear Water we provide high quality water filtration solutions for residential and commercial properties. We install water filters that have been shown to remove sediment, unwanted tastes, odours, bacteria, and microparticles. Our products ensure you can have a clean and delicious drinking experience. We stock a range of unique solutions so that, no matter your needs, you can enjoy pure, filtered water whenever you want. Give our friendly team a call today!

    Quality Products

    When installing water filters, all of the parts should be of the highest quality to maintain compliance with water filter regulation. Additionally, the installation should be perfect from the moment the installer enters your property. Letting the professionals at Clean and Clear Water complete the work is your best option. Clean and Clear Water employs a team of reliable and courteous professionals who have performed thousands of water filter installations at both residential and commercial properties. Customers can get a clean and quick service from our company 24 hours a day, even during weekends and on public holidays.

    Prompt Sydney Service

    The good news is we deliver prompt and professional service at an affordable rate. Whether it’s a simple underink water filter or a whole house filtration system connected at the mains, we offer competitive pricing more affordable than all our competitors. We buy parts and products straight from our affiliates in the UK and US. You can be sure that whatever parts we install and use are all manufactured by top-quality brands. All of our products are manufactured by Clean and Clear Water affiliates and are completely unique to our business. Our services are also made affordable by our team’s expertise – they finish each installation or repair quickly and effectively every time. As a result, we pass on the lower cost to our customers.
    Another factor that makes Clean and Clear Water’s service so effective is our 24-hour service. No matter what time we receive an enquiry, there is always someone available to take the call. Water filter emergencies are uncommon, however if something goes wrong we are there to fix the water supply and ensure your water supply is uninterrupted. Our water filter technicians are all qualified plumbers, so they can help you with any plumbing issues related to your water supply and purification system. If you need an after hours water filter plumbing service, give our friendly team a call!

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