Do it once and do it properly with a Genuine Water Filter


All parts such as elbows, tubing, housings and valves should have a manufacturer’s mark such as JG (for John Guest) stamped into the moulds used during the production process. In this way, the company and country of origin are clearly indicated. Stickers are no longer a guarantee of a genuine quality part as these can easily be printed and used unethically.

Below are examples of genuine fittings with manufacturer marks:

We are fully licensed and insured unlike many companies who are operating without a license.

The dangers of using inferior knock-off parts:

  • These parts are often produced in countries with minimal quality control and are not thoroughly tested which means that your water filter may not work effectively.
  • If your water filter is not working effectively, your drinking water is not as healthy or as clean as it should to be after filtration.
  • We have seen cases where water filters have broken down and caused extensive damage when they flood homes and businesses.

Below Are Examples Of Knock-Off Systems:

Below are examples of knock-off fittings:

From our extensive experience in the water filtration industry we know that companies use inferior products to save up to 90% on product cost. For example, we pay $8 for a genuine fitting from England or the USA, but inferior copies are available for 80 cents from certain countries in Asia.

No other Australian company can match our product line, and no other water filtration company has spent as much time and money as we have in creating our demo videos. These demo videos contain important advice and consumer information, and can be viewed on our home page and the product page for our range of water coolers.

Clean & Clear supply and fit only genuine John Guest fittings and tubing, and our housings are from the USA. All our filters are NSF tested and certified with the manufacturer mark stamped into every individual part.

Our products are carefully sourced and we ensure that every single component of our water filters is of the highest quality. In this way, we guarantee that our water filters will provide you with drinking water that is fresh, clean and pure.


John Fisher