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Kiara, North Western Suburbs
Hubby bought it for the household and its now one of my favourite things in the house. I use it for cooking, for the kettle and directly fill up bottles of cordial for the kids. After tasting the water I can never go back to tap water again.


Heather, Central Coast
Water is fantastic, the installer was efficient and knowledgeable. Great friendly staff and very well mannered. The servicing is done for me every year and I don’t have to do a thing. The replacement filters are inexpensive compared to others.


Anthony, Eastern Suburbs
All their claims are backed by scientific research and the water reflects the quality of the unit. It’s all backed by professional ongoing service. It’s unusual these days to find a company that provides this level of service!


Marina, Illawarra
The water is fantastic and it’s hard to go back to tap or bottled water. Inexpensive, looks good and the filters don’t take up much room. Best of all it never runs out.


Carla, Western Suburbs
Excellent service, guys turn up on time. Friendly staff and great support.


Victor, Northern Beaches
I love my Clean and Clear filter. We’ve never had a problem with them in 4 years. They ring on time for a service to be arranged and the service guys always rock up to my house on time. It’s not overly costly for the service to happen.


Vanessa, South western suburbs
Brilliant, they ring once a year to arrange change-over of filter which only takes about 15 minutes. I could never go back to drinking mains water.


Barder Family, Central coast
Clean and clear has been looking after our family and friends for over 5 years. Excellent prices, friendly and efficient service. We wouldn’t use anyone else and we highly recommend them.


Sonya, Illawarra
The shower filter is fantastic, after spending what seemed like a fortune on conditioning treatments and products for my skin and hair I’m amazed that all it took was a shower filter to look and feel so much better!


Margaret, Eastern suburbs
I can’t believe the difference in taste of my tea and coffee, best investment I’ve ever made.


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