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Triple Undersink Water Filter

Our number one seller Gold series is manufactured exclusive for Clean & Clear Water. Beware of companies claiming they have the gold series which is definitely an imitation with no certification.



Looking for a quality under sink water filter? This can make a huge difference to your everyday health and safety because a filter is supposed to remove the most dangerous contaminants from the water you drink and use.

Here we have quality under sink water filters that effectively remove impurities and contaminants from water. Parts are made in the US, UK and Australia so rest assured about the performance, quality and longevity. Using the best available technologies and premium materials, our water filters are a great choice for making your water cleaner and safer.

This undersink water filter is the ideal filtration unit for the home or workplace, the highly popular Clean & Clear 3 series can be neatly installed under any kitchen sink to provide fresh purified water. Your drinking water is filtered in three stages using a heavy duty water filter that also ensures maximum cartridge life.


The price of the 3 Series includes a designer chrome and ceramic disk tap so that you can pour clean fresh filtered water direct from our system.



The three stage filtration process


Stage 1: Sediment filter cartridge for the removal of dirt, rust and particles
Stage 2: The super block carbon cartridge removes 99.9% of metals
Stage 3: The coconut shell carbon ensures that your drinking water has an outstanding taste


At Clean & Clear, we are all about turning ordinary tap water into a safe, great-tasting drink. Our company is a trailblazerin the field of water filtration. We use the best available technologies and premium materials in designing our products. Our under sink water filter has impressive features to eliminate potentially harmful elements from the water and keep your loved ones safe at all times.


Entrust the safety of your family only in the hands of the name you can trust, Clean & Clear. Contact us today for enquiries, and let’s install your own system as soon as possible.


Click here for more details on each stage of filtration.


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* Our 3 Series water filtration system is so reliable we offer a lifetime warranty on our unit that includes all labour costs, and we’re just a phone call away for full customer support and service.



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