How safe is your drinking water? Here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists we can guarantee that with our high-performance undersink water filters. Call us today at 1300 723 146 if you want to ensure pure and safe water for you or your family.

We have 5-stage reverse osmosis systems with 0.005 micron filters that can keep away the most dangerous contaminants. We also provide and install Twin and Triple Undersink Filters that will make your water safe to drink.

Home water filters: Affordable & high performance

For $200 (inc. GST) you can already have a high performance 3-stage water filter that can fit under your kitchen sink. Plus, you’ll receive a complimentary tap so everything’s new in your whole system.

We guarantee high-quality filters because our systems are hand built in Australia and the housings and components are made from UK and USA. We also source directly from the most reputable manufacturers to further ensure quality and affordability (no middle man and we pass on the savings to you).

Once you chose a unit, our technician can quickly install it for you. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable in various settings and installations. As an Australian family-owned business, we’ve been committed to excellence for over 30 years. We ensure proper installation in each job we take.

Chlorine-free water for your bath & all taps

Take it a step further by making sure all the water you use is free from dirt and chlorine. Did you know that chlorine can cause nasal and skin irritations? Protect yourself by having a shower filter (removes chlorine and sediments). This ensures every drop of water that comes into contact with your skin is free from harsh chlorine.

We also have whole house filtration systems that ensure all the water that comes out of the taps is free from dirt and chlorine. Why use it? A whole house filter system can protect your tap washers, hot water systems and appliances. It’s a worthy investment if you want to guarantee that all the water running in your home’s pipes are free from chlorine and sediments.

Ingleburn water chillers, boilers & coolers

Aside from ensuring clean and safe water, we also ensure refreshing water to drink with our undersink chillers and water coolers. We even have undersink boilers and wall-mounted instant water heaters so people at home or workplace can prepare their favourite hot beverage.

We also source directly from the most reputable manufacturers and pass on the savings to you. We want you to get the best value out of your money while you enjoy convenience and superior quality.

For workplaces, we also have high-capacity water bubblers that can encourage the whole staff to stay hydrated especially during the draining days of summer. Our high-performance water bubblers are available in 10 litres/hr, 19 litres/hr and 26 litres/hr capacities.

Choose Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists

Is your drinking water safe? After watching a football or softball game you might get really thirsty when you get home. Don’t reach out for that bottle or can of cold sugary beverage. Instead, drink clean and safe water to get rehydrated.

To ensure that happens, it helps to have a high-performance water filter system in your home. Things even get better if you have an undersink water chiller to make you refreshed. Call us today at 1300 723 146 and ask us about our latest and special offers so you can ensure safe and clean water every time you’re at home.