Situated on the picturesque shores of southern Sydney, Lilli Pilli is known for its serene residential charm and natural beauty. In such a tranquil setting, having access to pure, clean water enhances the quality of life for residents and businesses alike. At Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists, we are committed to providing Lilli Pilli with top-tier water filtration solutions that deliver outstanding quality, long warranties and expert installation services.

Why Lilli Pilli Residents Trust Clean & Clear

For over 30 years, Clean & Clear has been at the forefront of water filtration, offering systems that combine superior quality with lasting value. Our products are designed to meet the high standards of Lilli Pilli’s discerning residents, ensuring reliable performance and exceptional water quality.

Explore Our High-Quality, Long-Lasting Filtration Systems

Our range of water filtration systems is engineered to provide excellent value and long-term reliability. Each system comes with comprehensive warranties and the assurance of expert installation. Here’s a closer look at our offerings:

Twin Undersink Water Filter: NSF 42 & 53 certified, versatile for both undersink and countertop installations.

Triple Undersink Filter: NSF 42 & 53 certified, effectively removes 99.9% of metals, with an additional final stage to ensure fresh, great-tasting water.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis: NSF 58 certified, featuring a granular activated carbon filter, ultrafine TFC RO membrane, prolonged contact time filter and carbon polishing post-filter.

Shower Filter: Provides harsh chlorine removal for up to one year, enhancing your bathing experience.

Whole House Filter: Removes chlorine and sediments from all taps and showers, protecting your plumbing and appliances.

Our Whole House Filtration System stands out with its robust capabilities:

Tailored Solutions for Lilli Pilli Homes and Businesses

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive whole-house system or an effective undersink filter, we have the perfect solution for your home. We service the entire area as well as the surrounds and Sutherland Shire.

Commercial Solutions Built to Last

We also cater to commercial needs with high-quality products designed for heavy and frequent use:

Water Bubblers: Sturdy units available with a drinking bubbler, or a combination of a bubbler and glass filler.

Office Water Coolers: Compact, stylish units perfect for any office setting.

Undersink Chillers: Maintains water at 10 degrees Celsius, with a 6 litres/hour cooling capacity, crafted from premium-quality stainless steel for inlet, outlet and drain pipes.

Undersink Boilers: Equipped with automatic switch-off for energy savings.

Wall-Mounted Water Boilers: Modern, energy-efficient solutions ideal for busy workplaces.

Our commercial products are engineered to endure, providing exceptional value and longevity. From office water coolers to robust water bubblers, our solutions are tailored to meet the demands of Lilli Pilli’s bustling businesses.

Contact Us Today

Whether you’re seeking a durable water filtration system for your home or a reliable hydration solution for your office, contact Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. We offer extensive warranties and special discounts, particularly on our popular Triple Undersink Filter. Enquire today to discover how we can enhance your water quality and provide lasting value in Lilli Pilli.