If you demand a genuine, NSF-certified tap water filter built to deliver years of safe, pure water, look no further than Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. Here’s why your neighbours in the St George area trust us for exceptional water solutions:

Discover the Clean & Clear Difference

Our Triple Undersink Filter is a popular starting point, effectively removing:

Plus, explore the rest of our outstanding range:

Expert Installation, Guaranteed Performance

One of our skilled technicians will meticulously install your chosen system, ensuring flawless function and long-lasting reliability through rigorous pressure and flow testing.

Kyeemagh Water Bubblers, Coolers & More

Clean & Clear delivers quality that extends across our entire product range:

These products are built for enduring performance, maximising your investment and ensuring reliable access to safe, refreshing water – hot or cold – at work and during meetings.

Quality Filters for Kyeemagh and St George area

Whether you’re somewhere near Market Gardens, Owen Ave, Caroma Ave, Beehag St, or anywhere else in the area, contact us for premium water bubblers and filters. Our expert technicians are ready to provide flawless installation and exceptional service.