If you require peace of mind about the water you drink every day, choose our NSF-certified filters here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. Customers choose us because of our commitment to quality and over 30 years of history and experience. We install genuine filters only and this is always carried out by our experienced technicians.

Our genuine water filters

Our genuine product range includes the following:

  • Twin Undersink Filter (NSF 42 & 53 certified, can also be a counter top filter)
  • Triple Undersink Filter (NSF 42 & 53 certified, with a lifetime warranty, with a super block carbon cartridge that removes 99.9% of metals)
  • 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis (with NSF 58 certification, 100 litres per day capacity, still fits under the kitchen sink for neat installation)
  • Shower Filter (removes harsh chlorine to better protect your lungs and skin; enough for one-year use)
  • Whole House Filter (remove chlorine and sediments from all taps)

Many of our customers start with the following:

  • Triple Undersink Filter (clean and fresh-tasting water)
  • Shower Filter (protect yourself from harsh chlorine)
  • Whole House Filter (chlorine-free and sediment-free water to protect your hot water)

Aside from having clean and safe drinking water, our customers also benefit from having clean water they can use for washing their food (especially meat, fruits and vegetables). As a result, there’s less chance for contamination and that the water being used for washing actually does its job (to remove dirt, not add).

Forest Lodge water bubbler and more

Customers also choose us when it comes to the following:

  • Water bubbler (with polished stainless steel top, available in 10 litres/hr, 19 litres/hr and heavy duty 26 litres/hr capacities)
  • Water cooler (Australian-made, with NSF tested and certified filter)
  • Undersink chiller (made of premium-quality stainless steel inlet, outlet and drain pipes)
  • Undersink boiler (with safety features)
  • Wall-mounted water boiler (up to 160 cups of water per hour, modern design)

With our robust bubblers and office water coolers, people in busy workplaces still get to stay hydrated throughout the day or evening. Our products also make it quick and convenient for people to quench their thirst especially during unusually hot summer days.

Contact us today here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists whether you’re looking for a robust bubbler or genuine filter. We can give you a special discount whether you’re at or near Ross St, Scotsman St, Minogue Cres, Short St or Arundel St.