As the home of the Belmore Eagles Soccer Club (particularly the Rudd Park) and with the Belfield Bowling and Recreation Club, the Belfield suburb has great things for us to take a break from work and recharge for another soul-crushing week.

Although there’s reasonable convenience because of the presence of shops and restaurants (plus new shops and apartments sprouting here and there) along the Burwood Road (particularly near the intersection of Punchbowl Road), we still need to take care of the basics especially when it comes to the water we drink every day.

Our genuine home water filters

Here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists, we supply and install authentic and high-performance water filters that are guaranteed to remove dirt, chlorine, heavy metals and other dangerous contaminants. Our product range includes:

  • Twin Undersink Filter
  • Triple Undersink Filter (one of our bestsellers, with a super block carbon cartridge)
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis (with an ultrafine TFC RO membrane that effectively removes microparticles)

These compact, high-performance and affordable filtration systems are being installed by experienced technicians. To ensure performance and reliability, our technicians do flow checks and pressure tests. Rest assured that the unit will perform well in the long run because the parts are made in US, UK or Australia.

Aside from drinking water filters, we also have Whole House Filters (installed on the mains plumbing of homes) and Shower Filters (removal of dirt and chlorine). Depending on your requirements, we can design a complete solution to make the water you use cleaner and safer (whether it’s for drinking, washing or showering).

Belfield water bubbler and more

Through the years (we have 30+ years of history), we’ve also become the one-stop shop for drinking water systems which include the following:

  • Water bubblers (available in different capacities)
  • Water coolers
  • Undersink chillers (refreshing water anytime)
  • Undersink boilers (on-demand hot water, energy efficient)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (perfect for departments and entire workplaces)

The high-performance systems we have plus our technical expertise will give you peace of mind regarding the quality, reliability and longevity of the drinking water systems in your home or workplace. We also guarantee reasonable pricing in exchange for the value we help provide. This has been our commitment for 30+ years as we service Belfield and the entire Sydney area.

Contact us here today at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists and let’s discuss your requirements. You can also ask us about our free installation and comprehensive warranties on parts and labour.