To guarantee clean and safe drinking water, choose from the wide array of genuine water filters available at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. With over 30 years of dedicated service and a steadfast commitment to quality, we have become a trusted choice for customers in Sydney.

For Your Health and Safety

At Clean & Clear, we offer a comprehensive range of genuine and durable water filtration products designed to meet diverse needs:

Twin Undersink Filter

Certified under NSF 42 & 53, our Twin Undersink Filter is a versatile solution that can also function as a countertop filter. This model effectively reduces contaminants to provide safe and clean drinking water directly from your sink.

Triple Undersink Filter

Our Triple Undersink Filter, also certified under NSF 42 & 53, comes with a lifetime warranty. It features a superior block carbon cartridge capable of removing 99.9% of metals, ensuring you get the purest water possible. This filter is ideal for households looking for a long-lasting, high-performance water filtration system.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

This system, certified under NSF 58, offers a 100 litres per day capacity while conveniently fitting under your kitchen sink. It provides comprehensive filtration, making it perfect for those who want the highest level of water purity.

Shower Filter

Designed to remove harsh chlorine, our shower filter protects your lungs and skin from potential irritants. It provides a year’s worth of usage, ensuring that your showers are safer and more comfortable.

Whole House Filter

For those looking to purify water from all taps in their home, our Whole House Filter is the perfect solution. It efficiently removes chlorine and sediments, ensuring clean water throughout your residence.

Featured Product: Triple Undersink Filter

Among our bestsellers is the Triple Undersink Filter, known for its advanced filtration capabilities:

This combination of filters provides a robust defence against contaminants, making it a favourite among our customers.

Leppington Water Bubbler and Other Products

Beyond tap water filtration systems, we offer an extensive range of quality products:

Water Bubbler

Our water bubblers feature a polished stainless steel top and are available in capacities of 10 litres per hour, 19 litres per hour and a heavy-duty 26 litres per hour. They are ideal for commercial settings, offering reliable hydration solutions.

Water Cooler

Our  water coolers come equipped with NSF-tested and certified filters, ensuring that you always have access to clean, cold water.

Undersink Chiller

Crafted with premium-quality stainless steel for the inlet and outlet, our undersink chiller provides efficient cooling while being durable and long-lasting.

Undersink Boiler

This unit features advanced safety features and is designed to fit neatly under your sink, providing hot water on demand.

Wall-mounted Water Boiler

Capable of dispensing up to 160 cups of water per hour, this boiler combines modern design with high functionality, making it suitable for busy environments.

Commercial Water Bubblers

Our water bubblers are a popular choice for commercial customers due to bubblers’:

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Whether you’re interested in a water bubbler, filter, or another product, Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists are here to help. Our experienced technicians can assist you in selecting the most practical solution and provide professional installation. Our service area includes locations at or near Woolworths, Rickard Rd, Pat Kontista Reserve and anywhere in Leppington. Contact us today to improve your water quality and enjoy the benefits of clean, safe water.