For clean and safe drinking water, choose our powerful water filters here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. Customers in South Western Sydney often choose us because of our decades of history and our commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction.

Our quality water filter products

Our high-quality product range includes:

  • Twin Undersink Filter (can also be installed as a countertop filter)
  • Triple Undersink Filter (one of our bestsellers, with high-grade pressure housings, with a special discount if you call us now)
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (with ultrafine TFC RO membrane and carbon polishing post filter)
  • Shower Filter (chlorine removal enough for one year)
  • Whole House Filter (removes chlorine and sediments from all taps)

Our filtration systems fit under almost any kitchen sink (just the same space as two 1.25 softdrink bottles). An experienced technician will fully install the system and carry out the pressure tests and flow checks. We also provide a generous and comprehensive warranty.

Georges Hall water bubbler and more

Aside from our high-quality filters, we’ve also become known in the following:

  • Water bubblers (robust, available in 10 litres/hr, 19 litres/hr and 26 litres/hr capacities)
  • Water coolers for offices (easy to set up, sleek and stylish units available)
  • Undersink chillers (10℃, 6 litres/hour cooling capacity which is more than enough for a small office)
  • Undersink boilers (save energy while still getting the hot water whenever you need it)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (up to 160 cups of hot water per hour, perfect for busy workplaces)

We have supported healthy, safe and regular hydration for more than 30 years. Through those years, we’ve helped people stay healthy and productive.

Whether you’re looking for a robust water bubbler or a powerful water filter that fits under your kitchen sink, contact us today. We can promptly install the unit wherever you are in Georges Hall (including locations at or near Wendy Ave, Caroline Cres, Jacaranda Dr, Haig Ave, Crest Sporting Complex and Donington Ave).

Tell us your requirements and we’ll give you a practical recommendation. This way, you’ll make a smart choice and get the highest ROI from your investment in staying hydrated and healthy for the coming years.