At Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists, our commitment is to enrich lives with exceptionally clean and pure water. For over three decades, we’ve been dedicated to offering state-of-the-art water purification products, ensuring your household enjoys the finest quality water. We’re your go-to source for diverse water purification options, tailored to fit your specific needs.

Bestselling water filtration systems

Twin undersink water filter (NSF 42 & 53 certified). This NSF-certified filter guarantees your water is free from harmful contaminants, offering you and your family peace of mind.

Triple undersink filter (NSF 42 & 53 certified, 99.9% contaminant removal). Elevate your water purity with our Triple Undersink Filter. It’s engineered to eliminate 99.9% of metals and contaminants, assuring clean, safe drinking water.

5 stage reverse osmosis (NSF 58 certified). Our advanced 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis system, boasting NSF 58 certification, includes a granular activated carbon filter and an ultrafine TFC RO membrane, ensuring comprehensive purification.

Shower filter (one-year lifespan, effective chlorine removal). Enhance your showering experience with our Shower Filter, effectively removing chlorine for up to a year, safeguarding your skin and hair.

Whole house filter (eliminates chlorine and sediments). This filter system purifies water throughout your home, removing chlorine and sediment from every tap.

Additionally, we provide and install:

Water bubblers. Select from our robust range of water bubblers, designed for longevity and convenience, including options with drinking bubblers or bubblers with glass fillers.

Office water coolers. Upgrade your office with our chic water coolers, perfect for keeping your team hydrated and refreshed.

Undersink chillers (10°C, 6 litres/hour cooling capacity). Our premium stainless steel Undersink Chillers deliver chilled water on demand, ideal for refreshing breaks during work.

Undersink boilers (energy-efficient, automatic shut-off). Enjoy the convenience and energy savings of our Undersink Boilers, equipped with an automatic shut-off feature for ease and efficiency.

Wall-mounted water boilers (energy-saving design). Designed for busy workplaces, these boilers provide instant hot water efficiently for your hot beverages.

Long warranties and special discounts

At Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists, we’re not just about high-quality filters; we also pride ourselves on expert installations and exceptional after-sales service. Explore our product range, inclusive of comprehensive warranties, free installation offers and special discounts. Contact us today for your water purification needs.