Maintaining safe, healthy and consistent hydration is of paramount importance, as it plays a vital role in supporting our regular physical and biochemical functions. To assist you in achieving this essential goal, the dedicated team at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists is at your service, offering a comprehensive range of authentic and top-quality water filters to meet your needs.

High-quality water filtration systems

For your convenience, we proudly present our extensive and high-calibre product lineup, ensuring you have access to the best water purification options available:

Twin Undersink Filter: Certified by NSF 42 & 53, this versatile filter can also function as a countertop unit, providing you with versatile water purification solutions.

Triple Undersink Filter: Equipped with NSF 42 & NSF 53 certifications, along with a lifetime warranty for unparalleled dependability, this exceptional system stands out. Its core component, the super block carbon cartridge, delivers unmatched efficiency by eliminating an astounding 99.9% of metal contaminants from your water.

5-Stage Reverse Osmosis: Carrying the NSF 58 certification and offering a daily capacity of 100 litres, this system seamlessly fits beneath your kitchen sink, ensuring a neat and unobtrusive installation.

Shower Filter: This innovative filter is designed to eliminate harsh chlorine, safeguarding your respiratory and skin health and offers a year’s worth of protection.

Whole House Filter: Eradicate chlorine and sediment from every faucet in your home, guaranteeing comprehensive water purification.

Our best-selling product is the Triple Undersink Filter, appreciated for its compact design, capable of fitting snugly under virtually any kitchen sink. Our seasoned technicians are readily available to install this system for you, conducting essential flow checks and pressure tests to ensure optimal performance.

Kirrawee water bubbler and more

In addition to our acclaimed filtration systems, we have received numerous inquiries and garnered significant interest in our diverse product offerings:

Water Bubbler: Our line of bubblers is characterised by their polished stainless steel tops and capacities ranging from 10 to 26 litres per hour. This versatility ensures that we meet a wide spectrum of hydration requirements.

Water Cooler: Proudly Australian-made and equipped with NSF-tested and certified filters, our water coolers are designed for both quality and reliability.

Undersink Chiller: Crafted from premium-quality stainless steel for inlet, outlet and drain pipes, our chillers are built to withstand heavy usage and deliver long-lasting performance.

Undersink Boiler: Our boilers come equipped with advanced safety features to ensure efficient and secure hot water access.

Wall-Mounted Water Boiler: With the capacity to dispense up to 160 cups of hot water per hour, our modern-designed boilers are perfect for bustling workplaces.

Our products are renowned for their durability, making them an ideal choice for environments with high-frequency use, such as busy workplaces. Furthermore, our coolers, chillers and boilers are energy-efficient, allowing our valued customers to enjoy substantial long-term cost savings.

No matter if you’re in search of a water bubbler or a top-tier filter, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Our dedicated team is prepared to promptly reach your location, installing the unit of your choice, whether you reside near Bunnings, Ethell Rd, Avery Ave, Mundakal Ave or Gore Ave.