Southern Sydney residents continue to select our genuine water filters, drawn by our rich history spanning over 30 years and our unwavering dedication to delivering superior quality. Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists stands steadfast in our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of you and your cherished family members through reliable and top-notch hydration solutions.

Our long-lasting water filtration systems

We believe that fostering safe and healthy hydration and water utilisation is paramount, which is why we present a comprehensive range of products to cater to your specific needs:

Twin Undersink Filter: Compact and versatile, this filter can also be effortlessly installed as a countertop unit, offering flexibility in water purification.

Triple Undersink Filter: A favourite among our customers, this filter features an additional process to ensure your drinking water is not only safe but also has a pleasant taste.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis: Delivering thorough water filtration, this advanced system excels in removing microparticles, heavy metals and a myriad of other contaminants, ensuring the highest quality of water.

Shower Filter: Designed to effectively eliminate harsh chlorine, this unit provides a year’s worth of protection for your skin and respiratory health.

Whole House Filter: Filter out sediments and harsh chlorine from every tap within your home, ensuring comprehensive water purification.

The convenience of our Triple Undersink Filter is why many homeowners favour it, ensuring a seamless installation process in almost any home. Furthermore, many customers choose a Whole House Filter to ensure that all water flowing throughout their home is free from sediments and chlorine.

Kogarah water bubbler and more

In addition to facilitating safe hydration, we understand the significance of maintaining regular and consistent hydration. To address this need, we proudly present an extensive product range:

Water Bubbler: Available in capacities of 10 litres/hr, 19 litres/hr and robust 26 litres/hr, our water bubblers cater to varying hydration demands.

Water Cooler: Easily integrated with a filtration system, our water coolers offer a convenient and refreshing hydration solution.

Undersink Chiller: Boasting a cooling capacity of 10 degrees Celsius and a flow rate of 6 litres per hour, these chillers are constructed from premium-quality stainless steel for durability.

Undersink Boiler: Engineered with energy-saving features, including an automatic switch-off mechanism, our boilers ensure hot water is readily available while conserving energy.

Wall-Mounted Water Boilers: Featuring a modern design ideal for offices, these boilers can dispense hot water efficiently, catering to the demands of bustling workplaces.

Whether you’re searching for a genuine filter or a long-lasting drinking water system, rest assured that we can promptly reach your location to deliver and install your chosen unit. Our service area includes the entirety of Kogarah, including locations near St George Hospital, Hogben Park, Kitchener St, Toomevara St, Madrers Ave and Production Ave.

At Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists, we take pride in delivering unmatched value for your investment. Our authentic products and professional installation services provide an exceptional level of reliability, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind.