With an industrial area south of the Gore Hill Freeway and commercial areas near the railway station and along Wilkes Avenue, it’s inevitable that Artarmon somehow resembles the busy atmosphere of the Sydney CBD. Although the suburb still maintains its leafy feel, through the recent years it’s slowly changing.

As with most Sydney communities, Artarmon is also a home to people coming from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. After all, Artarmon is a place of promise and opportunity because the City is just nearby. The place is also positioned for rapid progress because the necessary transport and industrial infrastructure are already here.

Our genuine home water filters

We’re also here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists if you’re searching for a genuine water filter. We have filters certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and with parts and components made in the US, UK and Australia. Our authentic and high-performance product range includes the following:

  • Twin Undersink Filter
  • Triple Undersink Filter (with super block carbon cartridge and coconut shell carbon for refreshing and pleasant-tasting water)
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (with granular activated carbon and ultrafine TFC RO membrane)
  • Shower Filter (removes chlorine for over a year by filtering up to 70,000 litres of water)
  • Whole House Filter (removes sediment and chlorine from all taps and showers throughout the house)

We guarantee perfect functioning because an experienced technician will do the full installation. The technician will also perform advanced flow checks and pressure tests to ensure all systems are perfect.

Artarmon water bubbler and more

For more than 30 years, we’ve built a solid reputation when it comes to authenticity and customer service in providing and installing water filters. In addition, people also rely on us for drinking water systems:

  • Undersink cooler
  • Undersink boiler
  • Water bubbler (available in 10 litres/hr, 19 litres/hr and 26 litres/hr capacities)
  • Water cooler (units available that can be attached with a filtration system)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (with compact, sleek and modern design)

Robust and long lasting, these drinking water systems are energy efficient and can endure frequent and heavy use. This makes them a perfect addition to fast-paced workplaces who prioritise performance and reliability.

Contact us here today at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists if you’re looking for a genuine water filter or a robust drinking water system. You can ask us about our current specials, comprehensive warranties and free installation.