In terms of purifying tap water, no other material comes close to ceramic.Ceramic water filtersare a revolutionary technology with a remarkable set of properties to effectively separate impurities from liquids. They have micro-scale pores that trap contaminants and eliminate harmful particles as well as unwanted odours and tastes from tap water. Ceramic filters are the most important component of a water purification system that requiretimely replacements to ensure you keep drinking safe and spring-like-tasting water.

At Clean & Clear, we want nothing more than giving the peace of mind that the water you drink whenever you turn the faucet is as safe as bottled water.One of our main goals is to help you save money by having your own water purification system installed, with a premium ceramic filter to avoid drinking contaminated liquid.

Cleaning Drinking Water, One Drop at a Time

Other than our comprehensive range of products, we take pride in serving as the premier source of top-ratedceramic water filtersin the Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas. Our products are some of the most trusted global brands. What’s even more amazing about our solutions is our ability to keep our pricing highly-competitive, despite delivering way beyond what other companies can offer. You trust us as your provider; we repay you with unrivalled solutions.

Three Decades of Best-in-Class Solutions

We have been in business for over 30 years, cementing our spot as the industry’s best in practically all aspects of water filtration.You can lean on our wealth of experience to experience top-notch installation and cartridge replacement services with free flow check and pressure test.

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