After shopping for food items and other essentials near the Princes Highway or West Botany Street or after watching football in the Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre, we need to get hydrated because of the long exhausting day. Bottled water is not an option anymore because we’re now more aware of the plastics’ impact to the environment.

Our long-lasting home water filters

The answer then is to have a water filter that’s reliable, certified and authentic. Here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists our product range includes the following:

  • Twin Undersink Filter (with fittings, tube and housings made in the US or UK)
  • Triple Undersink Filter (super block carbon cartridge removes 99.9% of metals)
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (with stainless steel bracket and screws plus an ultrafine TFC reverse osmosis membrane for excellent filtration)

Shower Filters (enough for 1-year use) and Whole House Filters (protects your tap washers, hot water system and appliances) are also included in our product range. We will install the entire system for you so you won’t have to figure it out. We’ll also ensure perfect functioning by doing flow checks and pressure tests. In case of a rare malfunction, we will be quick to service the unit.

Phone us today at 1300 723 146 if you want more info about our warranties, free installation and discounted prices.

Banksia water chillers and more

Banksia customers also choose our robust drinking water systems which include the following:

  • Water bubblers (award-winning design, fitted with an industrial grade 304 stainless steel tank)
  • Water coolers for offices (with free cup holder and free cups)
  • Undersink chillers (with stainless steel chilling tank, 10 degrees Celsius 6 litres/hour cooling capacity)
  • Undersink boilers (energy-saving, automatic switch off)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (available in stainless steel, silent operation, with units up to 160 cups of hot water per hour)

Phone us today at 1300 723 146 for more information. You can enquire us about our product range with varying capacities. We can recommend you a cost-effective solution fit for your requirements as well as our bestsellers which our other customers love.