As a multicultural suburb (e.g. with people of Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Lebanese, Chinese and Vietnamese origin), diversity and variety defines the Earlwood suburb. Because of this cultural diversity, it’s also common to see the variety of goods, restaurants, shops and business establishments here.

For example, in the shopping centre located on Homer Street people can easily find products that cater to a wide variety of preferences. Earlwood also has several restaurants and cafes that cater to Asian and European tastes. And for a breath of fresh air and getting close to nature, gardens and parks such as the Heynes Reserve and Girrawheen Park (with awesome views over Arncliffe, Turrella and Bardwell Park), Earlwood is considered to be complete which explains why more than 17,000 people choose to settle here.

Our quality home water filters

But any modern community is never complete without access to clean and safe drinking water. This is essential for healthy hydration whether at home or the workplace.

Here at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists we have authentic and high-performance water filters that can be installed under almost any kitchen sink. Our product range includes:

  • Twin Undersink Filter
  • Triple Undersink Filter (with super block carbon cartridge and coconut shell carbon for refreshing and pleasant-tasting water)
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System (with granular activated carbon and ultrafine TFC RO membrane)

With long-lasting and non-corrosive parts (the parts are made in US, UK or Australia), rest assured that the system will perform reliably and deliver to you the water you require all day. In case of cartridge replacements and servicing, one of our technicians will arrive promptly and get the system up and running again.

Aside from undersink water filters, we also supply and install Shower Filters (can filter up to 70,000 litres of water) and Whole House Filters (good enough to filter up to 20 litres of water every minute). This allows access to cleaner and safer water you can use for showering or washing.

Earlwood water bubbler and more

We also have drinking water solutions perfect for workplaces. This way people can stay hydrated and productive all day whether it’s a cold winter day or the hot summer. Our quality product range includes:

  • Water bubbler (available in 10 litres/hr, 19 litres/hr and 26 litres/hr capacities)
  • Water cooler
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (with compact, sleek and modern design perfect for modern workplaces)

We also supply and install energy-efficient undersink chillers and boilers in Earlwood residences. In each installation our technicians perform a thorough testing to ensure perfect function of the entire system.

Contact us here today at Clean & Clear Water if you want to learn more about our authentic product range and client-oriented services. You can also enquire us about our extensive warranties, free installations and current special offers.