For clean, safe water that supports your health and wellbeing, choose our NSF-certified filters at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. We make premium filtration accessible with free installation, long warranties and special discounts for our valued customers.

Our Bestselling Tap Water Filtration System

Our Triple Undersink Water Filter System (NSF 42 & 53 certified) is a fantastic starting point. It effectively removes:

Our comprehensive solution

Explore our full range for more practical options:

Expert Installation, Long-Term Reliability

Our experienced technicians will expertly install your chosen system, ensuring flawless function and optimal water purity through comprehensive pressure and flow testing. We also provide fast service in case of breakdowns, restoring your water’s quality quickly. Plus, we’ll even handle re-installation if you move homes. We promptly service locations at or somewhere near Yawla St, Vickery St, Cushing Ave, Bendigo Ave, Lawson St, Halley Park, McKittrick Rd and the surrounding areas.

Bentleigh Water Bubblers, Coolers and More

Healthy hydration is easy with our robust, long-lasting solutions:

Uncompromising Quality, Exceptional Value

All our products are built for long-term use, even in environments with high demand. This ensures exceptional ROI and reliable access to clean, refreshing water – essential for supporting healthy hydration habits for your family or employees.

Quality at competitive prices

If quality, longevity and authentic value matter to you, choose Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. We’ll help you select the perfect solution, providing competitive pricing, special discounts and expert installation.