Invest in the safest, purest water for your home and enjoy lasting value with our NSF-certified filtration systems. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your drinking water is exceptionally clean and healthy.

Quality Water Filters for You

Discover the Clean & Clear difference with our range of powerful and effective filtration solutions:

Twin Undersink Filter: Flexible installation (under-sink or countertop) ensures clean water where you need it.

Triple Undersink Filter: This bestseller boasts a lifetime warranty and a super block carbon cartridge for 99.9% metal removal, safeguarding your health.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System: Experience the ultimate in water purity with superior filtration, all within a space-saving under-sink design.

Shower Filter: Indulge in chlorine-free showers for a full year, promoting healthier skin and hair.

Whole House Filter: Protect your plumbing and appliances while ensuring chlorine- and sediment-free water throughout your home.

The Triple Undersink Filter: Uncompromising Health & Safety

For the ultimate peace of mind, our Triple Undersink Filter effectively removes a wide range of harmful contaminants:

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with professional installation by our experienced technicians, whether you’re at or somewhere near Clarinda St, Caulfield Recreation Centre, Trevascus St or Narrawong Rd.

Long-lasting Water Bubblers for Our Caulfield South Customers

Stay hydrated and energised with our robust and efficient water solutions:

Water Bubbler: Solid construction with polished stainless steel, available in various capacities to suit any setting.

Water Cooler: Australian-made with an NSF-certified filter for refreshingly pure water.

Undersink Chiller: Ice-cold water at your fingertips, built with premium-quality stainless steel components.

Undersink Boiler: Energy-saving design and safety features ensure hot water whenever you need it.

Wall-mounted Water Boiler: Sleek and efficient, delivers up to 160 cups of hot water per hour – ideal for busy workplaces.

Our products are engineered for lasting performance and withstand heavy use. Maximise your investment (ROI) and enjoy consistent, healthy hydration for years to come.

Invest in Your Health & Well-Being

Contact Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists today to discover the power of truly clean, healthy water. We’re committed to providing safe, reliable hydration solutions that deliver exceptional long-term value.