Choose our NSF-certified filters, designed to safeguard your health and offer lasting value. Our track record speaks for itself:

30+ Years of Excellence: Melbourne trusts our commitment to quality, as demonstrated by our decades of proven service.

Safe Hydration Guarantee: Our NSF certifications validate contaminant removal, ensuring the purest water for your peace of mind.

Our Range of Powerful Water Filtration Systems

Discover the exceptional value and performance of our high-quality product range:

Twin Undersink Water Filter: Enjoy the flexibility of under-sink or countertop installation for convenient, filtered water.

Triple Undersink Filter: Our bestseller effectively removes 99.9% of metals and features a final stage for refreshingly pure taste.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis: Achieve the ultimate in water purity with this system’s granular activated carbon filter, ultrafine TFC RO membrane, prolonged contact time filter and carbon polishing post-filter.

Shower Filter: Indulge in chlorine-free showers for a full year, promoting healthier skin and hair.

Whole House Filter: Banish chlorine and sediments from every tap, protecting your plumbing and appliances.

The Triple Undersink Filter: Premium Filtration, Unmatched Value

This top-selling choice delivers outstanding quality and benefits:

NSF Certification: Guarantees material safety, structural integrity and validated contaminant reduction performance.

Contaminant Removal: Effectively removes over 50 contaminants, including chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odours, VOCs, Cryptosporidium, heavy metals and more.

Expert Installations Across Caulfield

Whether you’re near Sylverly Grove, Lockhart St, Newlyn St, Snowdon Ave, Farnham St or anywhere in Caulfield, our experienced technicians will expertly install your chosen system. We ensure flawless function with comprehensive flow checks and pressure testing.

Hydration Solutions Built to Last

Expand your hydration choices with our high-performance, Australian-made products:

Water Bubblers: Robust construction with polished stainless steel, available in various capacities with drinking bubblers and/or glass fillers.

Office Water Coolers: Effortlessly dispense refreshingly cool, filtered water with our compact and stylish units.

Undersink Chillers: Icy-cold water at your fingertips with 10℃, 6 litres/hour cooling capacity, built with premium-quality stainless steel.

Undersink Boilers: Energy-saving design with automatic switch-off ensures hot water on demand.

Wall-mounted Water Boilers: Dispense up to 160 cups of hot water per hour with a modern, efficient unit perfect for workplaces.

Our products are not only built to last for an outstanding return on investment (ROI), but also designed to enhance your daily routines. Enjoy reliable, convenient hydration solutions every day.

Discover the Clean & Clear Difference

Experience the transformative power of high-quality water solutions. Contact Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists to explore our range. We’re committed to delivering superior value, quality and lasting peace of mind.