Although there’s that contrast between the Gresswell Forest Nature Conservation Reserve and the areas around the Strathallan Rd, Torbay St, Erskine Rd and Harborne St, it also provides some healthy balance in terms of green and urban environments. We need the urban environment for our modern living while we still require the trees and forests for biodiversity, ecosystem services and our own overall wellbeing.

Quality water filter installations

For our total wellbeing we also require clean and safe drinking water (and also clean water when we wash or shower). To accomplish that we provide and install the following for our customers:

  • Twin Undersink Filter (also good as a countertop filter; with fittings, tube and housings made in the US or UK)
  • Triple Undersink Filter (with Super Fine Coconut Carbon Final Polisher, made in the USA)
  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (with stainless steel bracket and screws plus an ultrafine TFC reverse osmosis membrane)
  • Shower Filter (enough for 1-year use)
  • Whole House Filter (filters up to 20 litres of water every minute, cartridges available in various sizes, from 1 to 50 microns)

All their parts and components are made in the US, UK and Australia. The entire system is built to last long and if something goes wrong, an experienced technician will promptly fix it for you (the repair cost is most likely covered by the warranty).

Macleod water chillers and more

For our overall wellbeing and in urban environments and busy workplaces, it’s crucial to stay healthy and sharp because of the complex challenges and daily work. It’s also crucial to stay hydrated or have that hot or cold water ready whenever you need it (especially for long meetings or a hot summer day).

In line with that we also provide and install the following:

  • Water bubblers (fitted with an industrial grade 304 stainless steel tank, perfect for workplaces, schools and hospitals)
  • Water coolers for offices (with free cup holder, free cups and free 3-stage filter if you contact us today)
  • Undersink chillers (with stainless steel chilling tank, 10 degrees Celsius 6 litres/hour cooling capacity)
  • Undersink boilers (energy-saving because of automatic switch off)
  • Wall-mounted water boilers (sleek and modern design, silent operation, with units up to 160 cups of hot water per hour)

Contact us today whether you’re looking for a water filtration or a drinking water system (bubbler, office water cooler and more). We can help you make a practical choice and we’ll provide you the best value.