If you’re looking for assurance about the quality of your daily drinking water, choose our NSF-certified water filters at Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists. For more than 30 years, we have been dedicated to providing and installing genuine water filtration systems that meet the highest standards in quality and performance. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence have made us a trusted choice in the industry.

Our Range of Quality Filtration Systems

We have become the top choice for water filtration with our diverse range of products. We offer:

Twin Undersink Filter: This versatile filter can also be installed as a countertop unit, providing flexibility and convenience. It effectively removes various contaminants to ensure clean and safe drinking water.

Triple Undersink Filter: One of our bestsellers, this system features a super block carbon cartridge that removes 99.9% of metals. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is designed to provide high-quality filtration, ensuring your water is free from harmful substances and has a fresh taste.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System: With a capacity of 100 litres per day, this system provides thorough water filtration and fits neatly under the kitchen sink. It utilises advanced technology to remove microparticles, heavy metals and other contaminants, delivering exceptionally pure water.

Shower Filter: This filter is designed to remove harsh chlorine, offering protection for your lungs and skin. It provides clean water for your showers for up to one year, enhancing your overall bathing experience.

Whole House Filter: Ideal for comprehensive water filtration throughout your home, this system removes chlorine and sediments from all taps.

A popular choice among our customers is the Triple Undersink Filter. This effective system removes dirt, bad taste, odours, VOCs, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 10-year service guarantee, making it a reliable long-term solution for clean water.

If you’re interested in our Triple Undersink Filtration System, contact us today and one of our experienced technicians can install it for you. Our experienced technicians will install your chosen system, whether you’re at or somewhere near Alma Park East, Westbury Grove, Montague Ave, Greenmeadows Gardens or Attley Grove.

St Kilda East Water Bubblers, Water Coolers and More

In addition to our water filters, we also offer a range of other products designed to meet the hydration needs of various settings:

Water Bubblers: These units are known for their solid construction and polished stainless steel tops. Available in capacities of 10 litres per hour, 19 litres per hour and a heavy-duty 26 litres per hour, they are perfect for schools, workplaces and public spaces.

Water Coolers: Australian-made and equipped with NSF-tested and certified filters, our water coolers provide a reliable source of clean, cool water. They are ideal for office environments where convenience and quality are essential.

Undersink Chillers: Made with premium-quality stainless steel inlet, outlet and drainpipes, these chillers provide 6 litres per hour of cooling capacity at 10 degrees Celsius. They are designed for efficient and convenient cooling of water in both residential and commercial settings.

Undersink Boilers: These boilers are energy-saving and equipped with safety features, ensuring that you have hot water available when you need it without wasting energy.

Wall-mounted Water Boilers: With a capacity of up to 160 cups of hot water per hour, these boilers have a sleek, modern design that complements any setting. They are perfect for busy workplaces where hot water is in constant demand.

Our products, including water bubblers, office water coolers and wall-mounted boilers, are engineered to withstand heavy and frequent use typical in busy environments. For instance, our water bubbler features a 100% rust-proof cabinet, vandal and impact-resistant construction, is Australian-made and comes with a 2-year comprehensive warranty that covers both parts and labour.

Whether you’re seeking a robust water bubbler or a high-quality water filter, choose Clean & Clear Water Purification Specialists for performance, longevity and quality. Our longstanding commitment to the highest standards ensures that you receive the best solutions for your water filtration needs.