Water is good for the body and general health, but filtered water is better. There are lots of reasons why this is true, but the best of these address water quality, environmental concerns, and mineral content.

1.      NSW Filtered Water Has Nothing but Good Stuff in It

Water that has been filtered is clean and clear. It contains no bacteria, chlorine, or other unwanted chemicals that can leach into public water supplies. It has no sediment or particulates. When water is selectively filtered using advanced technologies that are now available, like reverse osmosis, the bad stuff is left out, but the good stuff stays in.

2.      Water Filtering in NSW Leaves Behind Beneficial Minerals

Natural minerals in small amounts are good for the body. Water that is selectively filtered keeps this naturally-occurring mineral content intact and gets rid of the minerals that are not healthy when ingested, like aluminum and arsenic. Beneficial minerals one can get from water include calcium and magnesium.

3.      Switching to Filtered Water Benefits the Environment

Many homeowners waste plenty of money on buying packs of bottled water, which often do not get recycled, but end up in the trash or out in the environment.

The effects of pollution from water bottles alone have been documented globally; for instance, there is an “island” in the Pacific Ocean that is made entirely from plastic bottles and trash dumped in the water, called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Switching to an NSW water filtration system, on the other hand, eliminates the need for plastic bottles, which greatly reduces a homeowner’s environmental footprint. The benefits of a water filtering system also include saving money, as continually purchasing bottled water can get incredibly expensive.

There are so many reasons to switch to filtered water, and they all are health-related and worth considering. Homeowners who are serious about the health of their families and the environment should call Clean and Clear Water today to find out all about water filtration system benefits in NSW and which type of system is right for them.

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