Water is unquestionably the healthiest beverage. It has no sugar, no fat, no calories, and it helps almost every single bodily process.

Digestion, cellular function, organ function, and more are all impossible without water. Water allows the body to transport nutrients to where they’re needed, lubricates the joints, and helps maintain the optimal body temperature. Without water, the body cannot function.

So how does one drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day? It can be difficult with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. However, there are some sneaky ways to get an extra eight or 16 ounces into ones’ routine.

1.      Add Drinking Filtered Water in Sydney to Waking Up or Before Bed

An easy way to get more water is to keep a glass, pitcher, or bottle on a nightstand. Then, when getting into bed, one can sip on the water. The same goes for waking up. Keep the glass of water handy, and drink it as soon after waking up as possible.

Do this every day at the same time, and watch it become a natural habit.

2.      Set Phone Reminders for Drinking Filtered Water

Set a couple of alarms or reminders for filtered water drinking throughout the day on a smartphone. Then, follow through! Keep a reusable bottle with a water filter close, or carry one in a bag.

3.      Make Sydney Drinking Water Taste Better

Some people simply don’t enjoy the taste of water. If this is a problem, water is easily amped up with a few simple hacks.

For instance, add a squeeze of lemon or lime. Or, make a pitcher of water and add fresh strawberries and mint – let it sit overnight for delicious infused water. Other combinations to try are ginger and oranges, a mix of berries, or watermelon and pineapple.

Another tip: don’t drink tap water. It might contain contaminants and other nasty stuff that one doesn’t want to ingest. Instead, invest in a water filtration system, such as one for the whole house. That way, there will be plenty of fresh-tasting water available 24/7. You can get one from Clean and Clear Water; call today to find out how much better water can taste – because drinking filtered water in Sydney doesn’t have to be a chore.

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