We are not saying this to induce panic in you, but there are toxins that can invade your tap water. The filtration system underground, the one the government installed, is good enough for a large operation. In finer details, however, they are not as effective. That is why house filtration is important, to eliminate the few remaining particles in your water supply.

You are probably thinking the same thing: if the particles are so small, then they should be harmless in the long run. As a water filtration company, we urge you to be not complacent about the cleanliness of your water. Small amounts of iron, manganese or copper may not have disastrous effects now, but it will in the future.

Tap is Not Enough

It’s common in American households to drink tap water. It’s supposed to be clean, so people assume it’s all right to drink it. For the most part, it is drinkable, but it’s a risk you shouldn’t try if you live with your kids. They need fresh air and clean water for their fragile, growing bodies to progress as they should. Even bath water must be clean from these contaminants.

So, with this in mind, you should consider getting a filtration system for the entire house. It’s a lot to ponder, considering that many people only get one for the sink in the kitchen. Nonetheless, dishwashing isn’t the only household chore that requires clean water. It could also help you save money. If the water in your tap is so clean, you’ll need to buy fewer bottled water supplies.

Assurance of Cleanliness

Clean and Clear Water installs the filtration unit at the main plumbing of your home. That way, your water supply is getting the sterilising it needs at the very source. Our specialists rely on three decades of experience in installing the system in your home, making us the most capable to do the job.

Our whole-house filtration system is on a big discount now. Contact us for more information.

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