Not too long ago, reverse osmosis water filters were considered a luxury that one could expect when dining at a fine restaurant. However, it is well known now that tap water comes with many impurities that can upset your stomach and displease your taste buds.

But have you ever wondered exactly what is being filtered out by your under sink water filter?


  1. 1. Rust and Iron

Although most natural water sources contain some iron, the kind that accumulates on pipes and ends up on your tap water is not as nice as the one you’d find in iron supplements. Iron combined with moisture creates rust, which is often a major culprit of foul-smelling tap water, and is a known skin irritant.


  1. 2. E-Coli Bacteria

This very common family of bacteria is found in animals, raw foods, and the water supply. Many strains of E-coli are harmless and essential for intestinal health - but others have become the most common culprit for stomach flu in Western countries. Fortunately for you, our 5-stage reverse osmosis water filter gets rid of them right away, alongside sludge and rust, during the first stage of its process.


  1. 3. Giardia and Cryptosporidium

These parasites are remarkably more abundant in Sydney’s water supply than we’d all like them to be, and they can precipitate serious chronic infections. Giardia is well known for causing recurring bouts of diarrhoea and hives, whereas cryptosporidium is often accompanied by fever. Both parasites are remarkably resistant to chlorine, turning under sink water filters into an essential investment for families with kids.


  1. 4. Chlorine

Chlorine is often added to urban water supplies in order to protect us from parasites and bacteria, and while it undoubtedly fulfils a very important role, many resistant pathogens make chlorine insufficient to protect you.


Furthermore, once it has effectively disinfected your water, there is little reason for you to drink it, as it is not only foul-tasting but can be detrimental to health on the long run. The second stage of our patented reverse osmosis water filter system is all about removing the leftover chlorine from your water supply.


If you are not yet enjoying the benefits of an under sink water filter, contact us now!

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