Many people find their days flying by before they realise they haven’t had any water to drink. They’ve usually had their morning coffee, perhaps a soda with their lunch at work, and sometimes a glass of wine with dinner.

They are staying somewhat hydrated, but nothing beats a steady intake of pure water. Yet this easy way to stay healthy is often overlooked.

By drinking filtered water, though, early dehydration can be avoided. When a filtered water station is in a home, just like they occur in business offices and public locations, people are much more likely to hydrate.

There are several signs of early dehydration to look for, and they go beyond simple thirst. The body has its own ways of suggesting a glass of water is needed, and they’re the key to a healthier day.


At the Skin Level

Needing water often appears all over, in the form of dry skin. Many blame their dry skin on cooler temperatures in the winter, not hydrating their skin directly with lotions and creams, or even medical skin conditions. All of these may be contributing factors, but skin health starts with water.

Keeping an eye out for early dehydration begins with examining the skin. Filtered water helps to ensure moisture re-enters the skin in the best possible way. With its absence of additives, bad scents and other problematic factors, people can be confident that they are hydrating their bodies in healthy, beneficial way.


Headaches and Other Pain

How often is a cup of coffee the chosen solution for a mid-afternoon headache? While sometimes helpful, this solution could be exacerbating the true problem. Headaches can be caused by dehydration, too. Before drinking more coffee, many people turn to a tall glass of water first. The impact is often quick, showing that the body was truly craving pure water.

Other aches and pains in the muscles can be caused by the need for water, as well. If the body has enough water, it simply is able to function more effectively, and that comes down to its very muscles.


Many other signs of early dehydration exist, from urine colour to certain food cravings. To combat the negative symptoms of needing more water, people turn to filtered water to get the purest form of water back into their systems. To get started with a filtration system at home, contact Clean&Clear Purification Specialists today!

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