Looking for the best water filter? Sydney individuals and families now prioritise health and safety. One thing they prioritise is the quality of their drinking water.

We drink water every day and we use it for various purposes such as washing and bathing. If the water has dangerous contaminants such as lead and bacteria, we risk our health. It’s especially the case with young kids who are still in the developmental stage.

To minimise the risks and ensure clean water, you need to have an effective water filter. This is crucial especially in the kitchen faucet and shower where we get most of our water from.

So, how to find the best water filter? Here are 3 things to consider:

1. Removes E. coli, lead and other harmful contaminants

There are 2 kinds of contaminants according to the harm they present. First is the ones that only show long-term effects. The second is the contaminants that present immediate health threat.

  1. coli and other harmful microorganisms belong to the latter group. It only takes a few hours before these organisms can send an individual to the hospital. They can cause massive dehydration if left untreated for long.

Chemicals and heavy metals such as lead and aluminium usually harm the body after long and regular exposure. These are usually present in minute amounts. However, there are still risks especially for small kids. The effects get magnified because the children are still in the developing stage.

2. Quality tubes, fittings and housings

Aside from the water filter itself, all the system’s components should be of top quality. This way, there will be no entry point for the harmful elements and bacteria into your drinking water. In addition, these components would last long enough which will help you save money.

A quality water filtration system should be made of quality parts. This results to added safety and money savings. You can be sure that the water passes through clean components 24/7.

3. Ten Years Service Guarantee

This is also important. Guarantees and warranties often indicate the manufacturer’s confidence about the product. The longer the guarantee and warranty, the more certain you are about the product’s quality and performance.

This also helps in saving on costs. Whether it’s replacing the filter cartridges or performing repairs and replacements, the warranty can help you save money. This also eliminates some of your worries about the future expenses.

Best water filter Sydney

In Sydney, more and more people now install water filters under their kitchen sinks and even in their showers.

If you want an added protection for yourself and your family, contact us today. We will help you select the best filters and water purification solutions for your home.

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