Planning to buy a kitchen water filter? You know that it can make your drinking water and food safer. The undersink filter will remove contaminants such as chloramines, E. coli, mercury, lead and cadmium. Whether you drink water or prepare meals, these harmful contaminants won’t end up in your water or food.

Good news is, there are many undersink water filters now available. Many Sydney individuals and families have one in their homes. This is to protect their health (especially of the children). These under the sink filters can serve as an added layer of protection.

Tap water has a lot of contaminants

Tap water might be acceptable enough because most of the microorganisms are killed during chlorine disinfection. However, many heavy metals and organic chemicals might still be present. In addition, the kilometres of pipework might introduce other contaminants into the water.

That’s why having a filter in the point of use will be your safest bet. Before the water ends up in your glass of water, the contaminants will be removed. This also happens when you wash fruits, vegetables, cooking ingredients and kitchen utensils.

What about the cost?

Due to advances in engineering and manufacturing, undersink filters (and even reverse osmosis machines) are now more affordable than ever. This means you have fewer worries about the cost.

In addition, filters can last up to a year before a replacement is needed. A replacement is necessary to keep the filtration 100% effective.

A few companies now also offer easy payment options. This way, you will have instant protection when it comes to drinking water – without the worries about upfront costs.

Buy a kitchen water filter Sydney

Here at Clean & Clear Purification Specialists, we install under the sink filters in Sydney homes. With our 2-series water filtration system, we offer a lifetime warranty which includes all labour costs.

Our expert technicians can quickly install the unit for you. Send us an enquiry if you need more information.

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