Planning to buy water dispenser? Sydney could be unusually warm these days. In addition, it’s best to drink cool water instead of sugary beverages.

But where can you find a quality water dispenser? What features should you look for? What makes a quality dispenser in the first place? Let’s explore the answers below:

1. Should remove dirt, chlorine and other contaminants

This is important. We drink water every day and the health effects (positive or negative) can easily accumulate.

For instance, chlorine is a harsh chemical that can cause negative health effects. Also, the taste is not that much ideal. People will get discouraged about drinking water if they taste chlorine in their water.

That’s why the water dispenser should have a water filtration system (to remove contaminants). Aside from making the water safe to drink, it will also have a more pleasant taste.

2. Easy to install

Drinking clean water is actually an urgent concern. That’s why it’s good to have a water dispenser or reverse osmosis system right away. This way, everyone can have access to clean water. They also get encouraged to drink more water instead of relying on sugary beverages.

The water dispenser should be easy to install. It should also be easily connected to the existing water supply. This way, there will be no hassle and the people at the workplace can enjoy the clean water immediately.

If there’s free installation, this will make the whole thing easier. That’s why at Clean & Clear Water, we provide free installation (and free 3-stage filter). This way, you’ll just have to wait for the water dispenser to arrive at your location.

3. At least 5-year warranty

This is also important. The warranty duration reflects the confidence of the manufacturer about the product.

The longer the warranty duration (and the more comprehensive the coverage), the more confident the manufacturer is about the product.

In addition, the long warranty provides confidence to the buyer. If you know there’s at least 5-year warranty on the water dispenser, you’ll feel confident and you’re sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Buy water dispenser in Sydney for your workplace

A water dispenser is a simple way to encourage everyone to stay hydrated and keep away from sugary beverages. When clean and cool water is always available, everyone will adopt a healthy practice.

If you need a water dispenser or cooler in your workplace, you can contact us today. Our friendly staff will quickly respond to your enquiries.

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