Planning to change a water filter? Perhaps you’ve realised that you want it to remain effective in removing water contaminants. Filters can clog and accumulate debris due to daily use. As a result, fewer and fewer contaminants get adsorbed or filtered. This can also affect the water flow rate of your water filtration device.

How often should you change the filters?

You need to replace the filters and the cartridges. But how often should you do this? Should you do it after 6 months or 12 months? What happens if you forget to do it regularly?

Whether it’s 6 or 12 months, it’s a long time for any of us to keep track of. Time flies fast and life gets busy. Before you know it, it might already be over a year since the last time you requested a cartridge replacement.

Many filtration systems only need an annual maintenance (including the replacement of cartridges). If you’re not sure when’s the last time of maintenance (or the time when the system’s installed), you should contact professionals. This way, they can perform inspections and necessary maintenance.

Professionals can also send you an annual reminder when maintenance is due. This way, you make sure that your filtration system is always in top shape. You won’t have to think about the condition of your water filters every now and then.

Why professionals should do it?

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach is always good. However, there are times that a professional touch is needed.

For instance, cartridges and their specifications might greatly vary. You might purchase the wrong size (and with the wrong specs). Take note that even the smallest difference can make the cartridges unusable. Contaminants might go around the cartridges or these cartridge replacements might not fit at all.

To prevent this scenario, professionals can install the right cartridges and make sure these are the perfect one for your particular filtration system. This way, they can ensure that contaminants will be removed effectively. They can also perform a pressure test and flow check (usually comes for free) to ensure optimum performance of your water filtration system.

Change a water filter Sydney

Whether you need the cartridge or the whole filtration device replaced, an experienced technician can help you ensure quality and safety.

That’s why at Clean & Clear Purification Specialists, our experienced technicians perform maintenance, repairs and replacements. Our goal is to ensure the optimum performance of water filter systems in greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas.

Contact us today for your enquiry.

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