Many families now install a chlorine water filter Wollongong. One main reason is they’re now aware of the possible long-term effects of chlorine to human health. It’s now known that chlorine can cause skin and respiratory irritations (especially to children and those with sensitive skin).

Chlorine is still important in disinfection in water supplies. However, we now have the choice to remove it before the water comes into contact with our skin. There are now filters available that can remove this harmful substance.

What are your options?

Many Wollongong individuals and families have shower filters in their homes. For example, the Sprite shower filter can effectively remove chlorine and process up to 70,000 litres of water (more than enough for a year).

If you want complete protection, you can also choose a whole house water filtration system. The system will be installed on the mains plumbing of your home. This means aside from the shower, you get chlorine-free water from all your taps.

Both of the above options are now affordable due to advances in engineering and manufacturing. In addition, there are now easy payment options you can take advantage. You can instantly have chlorine-free water without much worry about the costs.

Daily and long-term protection

Water from taps and showers can contain up to 1 mg/L of chlorine. On average, people use 80 litres of water for shower. Daily and in the long term, that will be a lot of chlorine.

But with an effective filter, you prevent all those chlorine from harming you and your family. You get daily and long-term protection in exchange for a small investment. As mentioned earlier, the costs now are low. You can still save on your budget while having quality protection 24/7.

Chlorine water filter Wollongong

An experienced technician can install a water filter for you as soon as possible. This way, you get instant access to protection from the harmful effects of chlorine. In addition, you get to enjoy the long-term protection it offers.

If you want a highly functional filtration system at competitive pricing, contact us today here at Clean & Clear Purification Specialists. Our experienced technicians can install reliable systems in your home.

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