In essence, water is not healthy. Its basic particles, oxygen and hydrogen, are not among the vitamins and minerals humans need. For you and everyone else to live properly, they need to rehydrate every day. Even if you feel a small thirst, you go to the nearest water dispenser to have your fill.


Now, there are only three temperatures of water: hot, lukewarm and cold. Many pieces of advice, on the Internet and publications, say that it is preferable for you to drink warm water. After all, it does help you digest food better and break down metabolic waste that has built up in your immune system. A few glasses of hot water a day should help you regularise your bodily functions.


What those columns do not include is drinking cold water, and that is unfair. We seek the cold glass of water when we are most parched. Why is it that they fail to mention its benefits?


Cancer Conspiracy


Yes, you read that right: water, for all its neutrality, is a bringer of cancer. This ridiculous conspiracy tells us about cold water’s ability to freeze food and retain fats that will cause cancer. There has never been a medical report published anywhere that supports this ridiculous claim.


Cold Commission


If you are a health buff or just interested in getting healthy, know that cold water burns extra calories. You will not lose all the unnecessary calories you have, but if done daily, you will shed up to 70 of them a day. It will also help you cool down after an intense workout or just a long stay in the sun.


Whether you prefer drinking cold or hot water, just make sure you ingest enough of it every day. Your body needs it to function properly. Let Clean & Clear Water provide the water chillers and filtration systems for your home.


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