For parents, ensuring that their children grow up healthy and happy is their core concern. They take numerous measures outside the home to make sure that their children are safe, but there are also decisions within the home that make a difference.

It may not come to mind immediately, but even the water children drink at home makes a difference in their growth and development. Children’s many health systems are still growing, meaning that they do not have the ability to function as adults’ do. For that reason, every choice that parents make, influence how those systems develop.

Tap water is usually fairly good quality, but filtered water, for children, is crucial. A filter removes unwanted additives like chemicals and metals, as well as any bad tastes, so that the water coming from the tap is pure. By drinking this water, children enjoy many benefits as they grow up.


Encouraged Growth and Development

Filtered water for children encourages positive growth and development in children by ensuring that their bodies function at the proper level. Without proper hydration, for example, children can have slower muscle development, dry skin, and negatively impacted organ development.

When every part of their bodies are hydrated and given the nutrients to develop, children grow up to their full potential. Without clean, pure water, their bodies must deal with the additives in drinking water that their parents may not choose to give them.

Taking in lots of water as a child also helps establish good patterns they can carry into adulthood. If they learn at a young age how their bodies feel when properly hydrated, they will crave that state as adults, and then water can have all the positive impacts it does on the adult body, as well.


Protection from Sickness

It is important to recognise that a child’s body does not have a fully developed immune system. This puts them at risk for sickness on a regular basis. By drinking filtered water, children lower their risks for sickness. This can ensure they remain on a healthy path toward adulthood.

Overall, filtered water helps to keep a child’s health at its best. Parents can add this to their choices regarding their child’s health when creating a positive home environment.


Installing a water filter at home is easy and sets children on the path to better health and development. Contact Clean&Clear Purification Specialists to get started today!

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