For those who love to cook at home, there’s one ingredient that can transform any dish. It’s not salt, butter, or olive oil, and it’s never noted on ingredient lists for recipes. What can make the difference in how a dish tastes and fly under the radar of so many chefs?


The water used by chefs throughout the cooking process can impact flavour, texture and more. Often, the water coming from the tap is, while clean and odourless, not filtered to an ideal quality.

That’s why at home chefs should use filtered water when they cook. They may doubt the impact water can make, but there are many consistent uses for water that will change if filtered water comes into play.


Bringing it to a Boil

How often does a recipe require boiling an ingredient in water? From pasta and rice to soups and stocks made from cooking meat, water is key when its boiling properties are put to use.

For example, pasta must always be cooked in water. Why is salt sometimes added to the water? During the cooking process, the pasta takes in the flavour present in the pot. The taste is great when salt is absorbed, but that means that any flavour in the water itself is also absorbed.

The same goes for homemade stocks and broths, which start with water and pick up flavour from what is added. However, the starting flavour comes from the water itself.

Filtered water, then, is key to controlling the flavour of a dish when boiling is used. The filtration process will remove any bad tastes and unwanted additives present in the water, and that means those also stay out of the food.


Morning Jolt

Many use water simply to stay awake in the morning. When it’s combined with coffee grounds, it nearly has magical properties. Whether it’s a strong cup of coffee or a relaxing cup of tea, lots of beverages depend on water to be made.

Even with the best coffee grounds or high-quality tea, filtered water makes the key difference. Drinking a beverage made with clear, pure water allows the flavour of the tea or coffee to come through properly.


Many other cooking projects involve water—baking, soups, and more—and all are impacted when filtered water is used. Clean&Clear Purification Specialists can help the serious at-home cook take the first step toward better meals with a water filtration system. Contact Clean&Clear today!

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