A compact RO system (reverse osmosis water purifier) can remove arsenic, asbestos, lead and other impurities from drinking water. The use of reverse osmosis in filtering out contaminants started almost 50 years ago.

It’s a result of the need for clean water for laboratory, technical and industrial purposes. Later on, reverse osmosis was also extensively applied for drinking water treatment. One major cause is the growing population and increasing population density in coastal and inland areas.

Recently, almost every individual and family can now have a compact and affordable reverse osmosis unit in their homes. Many RO units can now fit almost under any kitchen sink. As a result, many individuals and families already have an RO unit in their home or apartment without worrying about space.

Reverse osmosis system price

For less than $500 you can have a quality RO unit (with free installation and parts depending on the offer). This is low price compared to the benefits presented by drinking clean water. In addition, some companies now offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

For instance, expert technicians from Clean & Clear Purification Specialists can install a premium drinking water system complete with warranty and pressure test. It’s a complete 5-stage RO system that can produce up to 140 litres of clean drinking water per day. This is more than enough to satisfy the needs of a small family.

Reverse osmosis water benefits

As briefly mentioned earlier, RO units can effectively remove:

Aside from heavy metals and other substances, does reverse osmosis also remove bacteria? Yes, many units can now remove Cryptosporidium, Giardia and E. coli. As a result, RO is now the most cost-effective water purification method (compared to UV, distillation and other systems). RO units can remove both chemicals and microorganisms.

This presents everyday and long-term benefits to individuals and families. Microorganisms pose an immediate threat (e.g. just a few hours after ingestion can result to dehydration, stomachache and cholera). On the other hand, heavy metals can result to long-term accumulation to our bodies. These substances can interfere with our brain and endocrine functions.

It’s especially the case with children and the elderly. They are vulnerable to chemicals and microorganisms present in water. For example, kids still have developing bodies. Their absorption of lead and other heavy metals can hugely impact their brain development.

But with an effective RO unit in your home, you and your family get everyday and long-term protection from harmful contaminants. This translates to better health (we all drink water every day). Moreover, we gain peace of mind because we’re getting the best protection.

How reverse osmosis water treatment works

Why is reverse osmosis effective? Basically, it’s advanced filtration with the aid of high pressure. Water passes through a membrane and the impurities get left out as a result. It’s the same technology in desalination wherein mineral components are extracted from seawater.

Whether in micro or macro scale, reverse osmosis is the choice in water purification. Both in household and industrial use, engineers and families choose RO because it’s cost-effective. It’s much more cost-effective than most other methods such as UV treatment and distillation.

Many home RO membranes have 0.005 microns which is fine enough to remove heavy metals, hydrocarbons and other substances. In addition, a typical RO unit has multiple stages that complement one another. For example, the RO units from Clean & Clear Purification Specialists have a total of 5 stages of purification. The initial stages are for removal of dust, debris and chlorine. The middle stage is for reverse osmosis (where microparticles are removed). The final stage is for aesthetic reasons (improvement of odour and taste).

In other words, a quality RO unit is typically a complete set of water purification processes for safety and aesthetics. Moreover, it’s compact and the whole family gets the whole benefit without the need for expensive and bulky equipment.

Disadvantages of RO water purifier

With all the benefits, a compact RO system still has disadvantages. As discussed earlier, reverse osmosis produces water that’s almost pure. This means important minerals such as potassium and manganese are also removed from the drinking water.

This has been a subject of concern in World Health Organisation (WHO) and other international associations. Reverse osmosis has an important tradeoff. You get clean water at the expense of mineral loss.

Thankfully, RO still provides more benefits than advantages. After all, the dangers presented by heavy metals and microorganisms are still greater than those presented by mineral loss. It’s similar to the use of chlorine in water disinfection. According to recent scientific researches, chlorine can cause skin irritations and allergies. However, it’s still widely used to kill bacteria in water. That’s because the dangers presented by harmful microorganisms are still greater than that presented by possible irritations and other long-term effects.

How much water does reverse osmosis waste?

Aside from mineral loss, the waste of water is also one disadvantage of reverse osmosis. This process can waste up to 4 litres of water for every 1 litre of clean drinking water produced. The amounts may get lower or higher depending on the unit’s design.

But if you still want to stay safe with your drinking water, a compact RO system is still more cost-effective than buying bottled water every now and then. Aside from higher costs, bottled water also has negative environmental effects. The plastic bottles will accumulate each day. In addition, there’s a possibility of leaching of the plastic substances into the water.

That’s why many individuals and families choose having an RO unit in their homes and apartments instead of buying bottled water. They’re now aware of the health and environmental effects of plastic bottles.

Why still choose a compact RO system?

Effectiveness and affordability are the main selling points of reverse osmosis units. Here are the other benefits:

Although there are still tradeoffs (mineral loss, waste of water), the benefits still far outweigh the disadvantages. You get complete protection in exchange for a small price. Moreover, you get a high return on your investment (better health and long equipment lifespan).

For less than $500 you get everyday and long-term protection against harmful impurities and microorganisms such as E. coli and Cryptosporidium. A quality unit installed under your kitchen sink will operate for at least 5 years. It will need an annual cartridge replacement for minimal cost (this is to maintain the unit’s optimal effectiveness).

How to choose an RO water purifier?

There are many RO water purifiers out there. How do you choose the best one? How to ensure you’re getting a great value out of your money?

First, all of the parts should have been manufactured according to high standards. These parts include:

Ideally, these parts should have been manufactured and assembled in US, UK or Australia. The proof (e.g. “Made in US”) should have been moulded onto the parts. That’s because stickers and labels are easy to tamper and replace.

Moreover, the brand you choose should be reputable. This is to ensure that the unit has undergone strict quality control inspection. Established brands often have rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure they’re only delivering quality products. After all, it’s their reputation at stake. You also have a better guarantee that the unit will be easily serviced (replacement parts are readily available).

Aside from top-quality parts and reputable brand, the installation itself is also crucial. After all, proper installation has a huge impact on whether the RO unit will function properly or not. For instance, if the membranes and housings don’t fit tightly and perfectly, impurities will just go around the filters (thereby making the unit ineffective).

That’s why expert technicians from Clean & Clear Purification Specialists have received extensive training in installing RO systems in homes and businesses. They ensure each part is compatible (including the housings and fittings). They even perform a pressure test and flow check to ensure the unit’s optimal performance.

Where to find a quality compact RO system?

Here at Clean & Clear Purification Specialists we provide and install 5-stage RO units in homes and businesses (Greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas). Our expert technicians only use quality pipes and fittings. We also provide a 5-year comprehensive warranty.

If you need information, you can contact us today and enquire us about our pricing and special offers.

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