Any business owner is likely to be familiar with the summer slump in productivity: as temperatures rise, workers find themselves arriving to work in the morning already flustered and slowed down, if not downright busy daydreaming about spending the day at the beach instead. Air conditioning systems can turn the office into a safe haven, but the effects of dehydration and plain discomfort can last through the day.

The most common solution for many is to simply order cases of bottled water, feeling up a small fridge, and carrying on. As simple as it may look, this is likely an unnecessary drain on your resources that a proper reverse osmosis water filter can fix.


Just Because It Looks Simple, It Doesn’t Mean It’s Cost Efficient

Bottled water has grown more expensive by the year, and any bin can attest to how messy and and unhygienic they are. Although it may require a larger initial investment, a high quality water chiller can end up saving money and increasing comfort for everybody around-and with comfort comes productivity and satisfaction.

Water filters in Sydney now combine a reverse osmosis water filter system with a water chiller, which provides a refreshing respite to anyone coming flustered from lunch hour. With a wide range of models to choose from, companies seeking water filters in Sydney can now choose from two main types: stand alone water chillers or under sink water filters.


Under Sink Water Filters: A Hospitable Choice for Small Businesses and Startups

Many emerging ventures often seek refuge in smaller, more intimate offices, where space is just an important commodity as familiarity and comradeship. In such scenarios, an oversized free-standing water chiller may be impractical and take too much room.

An under sink water filter can provide a sensible alternative: hidden under a cabinet, it will provide no hassle and add the convenience of fresh, chilled water to the existing tap.

Offices full of coffee or tea lovers can get extra frills from adding an under sink water boiler as well: this would provide the full package in one discreet, carefully engineered system.


Tower Water Coolers: A Corporate Staple

For large companies in Sydney, a water filter is often unavoidable: bottles and fridges are simply not doable if you are dealing with over 30 people.

Busy transit points, such as hallways or schools often prefer sturdy water bubblers, while lounges and staff rooms can see major savings by getting rid of electric kettles and offering a hot-and-cold water cooler.

Both models can be easily fitted with a reverse osmosis water filter that uses our patented 3 Series system. Materials can range from sturdy to polished as well – regardless of your choice, everything is 100% Australian made.

Water filters should be convenient, efficient, and easy to set up is the way to go. Learn how to access a 14-day free trial for your office by enquiring online now.

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