How does a home reverse osmosis system (RO system) benefit your family? Does it effectively remove water contaminants? Is it expensive?

Those are the common concerns of individuals and families. However, nothing beats the concern about safety. More and more Australians now are becoming aware of the pollutants present in our water supply.

Because of modern living, many chemicals and other substances end up in our water supply. In addition, the treatment processes introduce substances and by-products that could be harmful to human health.

One effective way to make sure water is safe and clean is by reverse osmosis system. But before you ask professionals to install the equipment for you, let’s explore the answers to the questions earlier:

1. How does an RO system benefit your family?

Reverse osmosis is actually an advanced technology that removes water contaminants. It’s first developed in military settings (where safe water is a major concern). Now, reverse osmosis is a key water purification process in industrial settings.

The technology is also widely available (and affordable) to homes and families. You don’t need large-size equipment for the whole setup. Most RO equipment are actually compact and can be installed quickly.

Here’s how it basically works. The water passes through a semi-permeable membrane (with the aid of pressure) while leaving the contaminants behind. It’s an effective technology to remove pollutants.

2. Does reverse osmosis effectively remove contaminants?

Another question about reverse osmosis is that if it effectively removes pollutants. In the previous question, this was answered. Let’s elaborate further.

Reverse osmosis systems are technically multi-stage processes. For example, in a 5-stage water filtration process, only one of the steps utilise the reverse osmosis technology.

The other stages would be about removing the sediments, dirt and chlorine. Then, the reverse osmosis will come into play.

The previous stages before the RO get rid of the big particles and the chlorine. This way, the RO membrane can fully focus on removing the other microparticles.

Other stages can include removing the fine grains and improving the taste. All in all, an RO equipment often has a complete process to remove all the contaminants.

3. Are home RO systems expensive?

It’s actually a small investment because of the safety they provide to families (especially to kids). In addition, you actually save money because you don’t have to buy bottled water every now and then.

Take note that a 5-stage RO system can remove dissolved and suspended solids, chlorides, metals and chemicals. The system works day and night to provide you and your family with clean water.

Home reverse osmosis system

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