When we mention water filters in Sydney, most of us immediately think of sink filters, office water coolers, and other gadgets designed to purify the water we drink directly. However, water has many more uses, and therefore the benefits of home water filters will go beyond your kitchen.


  1. 1. Your Skin is Your Largest Organ, So Why Are You Washing with Unclean Water?


Few activities feel as soothing as taking a long, refreshing shower. While microbes may not be a direct concern (unless you have an open wound), the harsh minerals present on your shower water should be. At the very least, they will keep soap from working properly and creating that nice, scented foam. If you have skin allergies or psoriasis, it could directly cause flare ups.


  1. 2. TV-Ad Hair Requires Clean Water, Too


It’s easy to forget that the secret behind the luscious locks we see on TV lies in a healthy scalp – and therefore, water quality affects it too. From arsenic to copper, the different minerals and impurities in tap water can deposit in your scalp, irritating it and making your hair appear greasy or dull. Fortunately, both skin and hair can be protected with an easy-to-install shower head filter, although the need for water filters in Sydney doesn’t stop there.


  1. 3. Your Laundry Will Thank You for Using Filtered Water


Just like soap’s action is usually hindered by highly-mineralised or impure water, so is laundry detergent. Rust and sediments make clothes harder to rinse, which in turn ages them more quickly. Moreover, your laundry machine’s life span will be affected too. A whole-house water filtration system will easily pay its worth through the nicer, softer clothes you’ll get, as well as the cheaper laundry machine maintenance.


It’s clear that something as essential as water goes beyond your kitchen sink, and the market for water filters in Sydney is quickly showing it. If you want to ensure your home is served by top-quality, USA-made home water filters only, contact us now at 1300 733 853 to get a whole house filtration system set up right away.

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