Water coolers are a part of the everyday lives of office employees. Good conversations and pleasant working relationships might start there. Since a water cooler is a thing that you and your employees will see and use every day (it’s a long-term investment), why not choose a good one?

More and more people now place special emphasis on choosing a good office water cooler. One of the reasons is about the reliability. You and your employees need a steady supply of clean, safe, and cold water. It’s a hassle if the water cooler doesn’t perform well.

So how to choose a good office water cooler for your employees? Here are 3 tips that can help you with that:

1.  Prioritize health and safety

An office water cooler should not only provide cold water. It should also provide safe and clean water that your employees always need. That’s why many water coolers now include a filtration system.

In our homes we want to ensure the safety of our families by installing home water filters or a whole house filtration system. We should also do the same inside our offices.

Bosses, managers, and employees actually spend most of their waking hours working. It’s also likely that most of the water they drink the whole day comes through the water cooler. Because of that, it can be said that we should place equal importance on the cleanliness of water for both in our homes and offices.

2.  Choose a water cooler with included warranty

This is important. Because of over a dozen reasons, water coolers might malfunction. But employees need a reliable and steady supply of cool, safe, and clean water. It’s a hassle if they don’t get it especially during the hot summer days.

Buying a water cooler with included warranty is your safest option. That’s why we do fast warranty repairs. We understand the needs of office employees. We understand that you need prompt and professional services.

Although many water coolers can work well for a long time, the inevitable still happens. Maybe some parts need replacement or repair. If you don’t want to worry about that, choose a water cooler with included warranty.

3.  Choose a compact and stylish water cooler

We mentioned earlier that you and your employees will see the water cooler each day for years to come. That’s why it will be worth your time to choose one that is both stylish and compact.

Is this really important? It is. You might have spent extra time and care in choosing your office furniture and anything that you see in it. You might have also spent extra attention to making the office a nice working environment.

A compact and stylish water cooler can actually add to the sophistication of your office. You and your employees will see it every day. You also want to take pride that every part of your office serves a function and adds beauty to the place.

That’s why we offer compact, stylish, functional, and reliable water coolers for offices. We think about both the function and aesthetics. We also offer fast warranty repairs so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We offer free on-site services (including free installation) at NSW. Call us now at 1300 733 853 and our friendly staff will answer your questions regarding your water cooler needs.

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