Water dispensers are an appliance that no home or office should be without. These are a source of good, clean water to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Water coolers are rather low-maintenance appliances, but this does not mean that you can just install it and forget about it. The dispensing and faucet area, above all, should always be as clean as it can possibly be.


Over time, water dispensers and coolers can turn into veritable breeding grounds for all manner of bacteria and other unseen dangers to health.


Here are a few useful tips on cleaning water dispensers:


– Always think of safety first – Never forget to unplug your cooler before cleaning it.


– Drain it –Impurities may settle in it and it is best to remove old water whenever you change water containers.


– Rinse with bleach – A good way to keep your water dispenser’s inner reservoir is by washing it out thoroughly with a bleach solution. Be sure to rinse it afterwards to prevent it from tasting like bleach.


– Remove trays – Most dispenser designs now have removable drip trays. This makes cleaning a much easier task. Give it a good wash every time you change water containers.


– Clean out filters – Depending on the model, it may or may not have a filtration system. To maintain optimum purity in waters, you will need to change filters regularly. Contact Clean & Clear immediately to provide you with the necessary water filtration solution.


Remember that the reason why you buy purified mineral water in the first place is to make sure that you drink only pure water. As you cannot see the harmful bacteria that may be lurking in your water dispenser, it is best to give it a good, thorough cleaning every so often. It pays to stay safe.


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