Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

You might have heard it a few times in class or at work. It reminds us that things take time and our daily routines and activities often deliver the greatest impact and result.

The same thing can be said about our health. The extra kilograms we have and our figure is not the result of a one-time activity. It’s the result of what we eat every day.

What we drink also affects us

In addition, what we drink also affects our health (especially in the long run). Aside from immediate concerns such as the presence of harmful microorganisms in our drinking water, there are also chemicals that can deliver long-term effects.

For example, the presence of arsenic, lead, and mercury in drinking water is known to interfere with our normal metabolic functions. The effects are insidious and go unnoticed at first. But as we drink water every day and years go by, the negative effects start to show.

Other harmful substances in tap water

Our environment actually has natural mechanisms to break down certain particles. But because of our modern lifestyles, the environment has to take in and process more chemicals. The environment can only handle limited amounts.

Furthermore, our modern lifestyles and technological advancements introduced foreign substances into our groundwater and other bodies of water. Antibiotics, industrial wastes, and other foreign chemicals are starting to show up in our tap water.

What can you do to minimise the risks?

One easy way to get healthier is to drink filtered water. Many people now install whole house water filter systems that effectively remove harmful substances.

It’s especially important for kids who have a lot of years ahead of them. Harmful substances can accumulate in their internal organs and interfere with their development.

It’s also important for adults who want to get the most out of life. The condition of our physical health can fully dictate how well we are working, enjoying life, and how we interact with others.

There are other health issues that you need to address. But you can start today with drinking filtered water. It’s a quick way to get healthier and also reduce the dangers.

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