Staying hydrated is a basic need for humans -and so have become water filters. Office water coolers have become such an essential part of office layouts that they’re considered a meeting point by employees, and more families now understand the importance of good home water filters. Understandably, one would assume that water filters are easy to get, but real quality rarely is.


What Sets Apart Good Home Water Filters?

Water is such a daily staple that its quality will have a direct impact on your family’s health. Not only are we recommended to take 8 glasses of fluids per day, but drinking water is also a major source of essential minerals.

An ideal home solution for water filters in Sidney should provide an extra kick to your family’s health: the Pi Water filter, for example, implements a patented procedure originally invented in Japan, which was shown to help plants thrive. This ceramic water filter not only gets rid of harmful bacteria in the water supply, but also adds beneficial ferrous salts known to increase the water’s energy.

Meanwhile, shower filters also play an important role: they help you get rid of chlorine, which has been linked to skin allergies and other harmful reactions. A good filter for your home should, therefore, be the one that maximizes health benefits for all, while at the same time being durable and reliable.


Healthy Water at the Workplace Goes Beyond the Office Water Cooler

Nowadays, most offices are equipped with kitchenettes, as a large amount of the workforce spends a good chunk of the day at the office. Keeping water sanitized and pleasant-tasting can become a significant factor in productivity. After all, a lot of sick leave will be prevented by keeping water filters in Sidney’s offices clean!

This is why a major factor in your choice should be the quality of post-sale and maintenance service they provide: you’ll want someone who will come clean the ceramic water filters in a timely fashion. In offices where high concentration is required, or where lack of space is an issue, then an undersink chiller is an ideal alternative to standard office water coolers: they are silent, efficient, and are unlikely to get in anyone’s way.


Final Word: Quality Materials Go a Long Way

Whether you are looking for home water filters or for an office solution, one of the most important aspects to consider is the quality of materials used. Water is something you’ll be ingesting on a daily basis, so there’s no reward on skimping to get a cheap ceramic water filter that uses subpar materials or even potentially toxic filters. Clean & Clear has been providing reliable and durable water filters in Sidney for over 30 years for a reason, so contact us now to discover more.

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